When Your Gas Boiler Goes on the Blink


If you have ever had to endure a sudden cold shower on a cold morning, it’s more than likely that you have also experienced a broken-down gas boiler. Did you know that every gas boiler has a maximum lifespan? The problem with many older boilers is that they are simply not as energy efficient as modern designs. This means that you could be wasting gas and wasting your money on paying for a boiler that is simply not up to the job.

Looking for the Signs of a Failing Boiler

Boilers are only one aspect of the central heating system in any home but it is good to know when you might need to call out a technician to have a look at it. Any of the following could be signs that your gas boiler or central heating system needs some tender loving care from an expert:

  • Noises that are not common, such as gurgling and knocking
  • A heating system that is not as efficient as usual
  • Water leaking around the water tank
  • Water that runs hot and cold

Buying a New Boiler

Economic times are tough and many families do not have the money to have a new boiler installed. The good news is that some boiler companies also offer trusted boiler finance in Plymouth. This means that a family can pay off a boiler installation over a longer period of time, making it easier on the household budget.

Why should anyone freeze in the cold winters? Having a working gas boiler and central heating system is essential in this day and age. By looking at a finance options and paying the new boiler installation off each month for a period of time, a family can enjoy the efficiencies of a new boiler and maintain a working household budget.


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