2021 Guide to Earning a Real Estate Broker License


Receiving your real estate broker license will allow you to own a scalable business and ultimately work for yourself on your own terms. If you’re interested in getting into the world of real estate, then the first thing you have to do is find a reputable real estate school that will prepare you for the state exam. In this day and age, this is easier than ever before, as programs have transitioned online, providing their students with maximum flexibility and learning experiences that are proven to help you learn better than you could inperson. Once you’ve completed a real estate broker license course, you can take the state exam and begin working in the field.

What else do you need to know about getting a real estate broker license in 2021? As you begin searching for schools, take a look at the following overview of what to expect from the process—beginning with course registration and delivery to examination and submitting your application to the state.

5 steps to get your real estate broker license

1. Research institutes of real estate education

Before taking the state exam for your real estate broker license, you’ll need to complete a course with a school in your state. As you search for prospective schools, be sure to keep an eye out for some of the characteristics of the best institutes out there, including, but not limited to: positive reviews, pass guarantees, online programs, payment options, and a variety of usable resources.

2. Enroll in a real estate broker license course

Once you’ve found a reputable school, you can enroll in their real estate broker license course. While schools offer different programs, make sure you find a course that offers a “reverse classroom,” so that you can learn the material on your own and then spend valuable class time working directly with your instructors to answer your questions and receive invaluable feedback.

3. Attend classes and complete assignments

As you complete the real estate broker license course, the best schools in your area will provide you with multiple opportunities to test your knowledge and truly learn the material by giving practice exams. Additionally, reputable programs will offer students a wide range of learning materials, including audiobooks, video recordings, and more.

4. Take the course final

Once you’ve completed the course, you will take the final exam. Respected schools have pass guarantees, meaning that they are committed to providing you with everything you need to do well on their course final so that you can rest assured that you will pass the state exam.

5. Register for the state exam

After completing the course final, it’s time to take the state exam! As long as you enroll in a real estate broker license course that has proven results, then you will pass the exam, making you eligible to submit your application and then receive your license—you’ll be practicing as a real estate broker in no time.

3 characteristics of the best real estate broker license courses

When researching schools, make sure that all prospective real estate broker license courses are taught by the best professors and are delivered using the latest learning strategies from the field of teaching real estate. Lastly, they should also be able to show you that they have proven results.

1. Qualified instructors

The instructor for your real estate broker license course shouldn’t only be a teacher or a real estate professional—they should be both. At the industry’s leading real estate education institutions, you can expect to be taught by people that have served as agents and brokers in the industry, as well as teachers who have helped aspiring real estate professionals to receive their licenses.

2. Reverse classrooms

As stated above, one of the best approaches to learning in an online environment is the “reverse classroom.” This model has been adopted by many schools because it allows students and teachers to make the most of their time. Students will spend the majority of their time engaging with course materials to learn; teachers will then support students in their learning by speaking with them directly, providing feedback and guidance for how to do better in their class.

3. Proven results

Lastly, a successful real estate broker license course should have its results posted to the school’s website. Only enroll in schools with high pass rates, not only on the course finalbut on the state exam too. Schools with good reputations will proudly share this information, as it attracts new students and reassures you that they will help you learn everything you need to know to enter the field of real estate.

Enroll in an online real estate broker license course today

Knowing where to start your journey as a real estate broker is half the battle. Now, enroll in a course and begin your career today.

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