Tips from interior designers to help you survive the heat of summer!


Summer might seem like a soothing word, but when it comes harsh, it beats harsh. Especially, the Indian summers are brutal because of India being in the tropical belt. The summer temperature at some places peaks to even 50 degrees. But there are ways to deal with this nip of the summer sun. And what many people do not know is that the way your interior design is, impacts how you feel the heat. Says Radvi Interior Designers in Coimbatore are shaping homes in such a way that it helps people survive the summer with ease and grace. So, how can you interiorly design your home to beat the heat? See more below for interior design tips to beat the heat!

Interior Design is not just about decoration, it is about creating an environment that sings to the souls walking within it.

Interior Designers’ tips to cope with the summer heat!

When we talk about heat, we do not just talk about the Sun. Sun is one aspect of heat, but you can create heat even without the sun. There is a reason why you see more of a special house type in the hot spans of Africa – It helps in fighting off the heat. There is a reason why igloos are designed in a certain way – it helps fight off the cold. The design of the house decides how temperature behaves within these walls. Furthermore, there are other elements in the home that impact how you feel the heat. For example, the paint of the walls. Expert interior designers in the world know how different shapes and designs impact temperature perception.

Thus, here we are serving you with interior designers’ tips to cope up with the heat. Making these changes will ensure a drop of a few degrees in your home. See more below.

The air must flow.

It must not stop. You need to give some space to the air. When air gets trapped, it creates a humid environment and thus leads to more heat. It does not only creates a sense of suffocation but the aura becomes smelly too. The foul smells start building up and make it more terrible for the already terrible. This is why all the expert interior designers give some space to the air. There must be enough ventilation in the area for air to flow and cool things down. Furthermore, flowing air works by evaporating the sweat and thus helps the body cool down.

Although designing a room for proper airflow is the work of science, here are some tips on how to do it when no help is around.

  • Every location experiences different types of wind flow. You must know it beforehand to place doors and windows in a certain way. Know which direction does the air flow the most in summers.
  • Use windows that allow you to deflect the air in a certain direction. Casement windows are the most common types for this purpose. Louvre windows can also be used to allow rising warm air with an escape.
  • Design home for cross ventilation.
  • Installation of Natural Ventilation systems is a great way to provide your home some ease.
  • Let the cool night air enter the home and cool it down for the night and the next day.

The flooring must be cool!

The house feels cool when the floor stays cool. This is the reason that flooring materials must be considered with proper care. Do not go for materials that work on retaining the heat. Here are few examples of floor materials that retain heat –

  • wood
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl
  • fiberglass
  • leather

The ground usually stays cooler than the environment above. This is the reason animals dig down for some relaxation. When you use natural stones on the ground, they collect the coolness of the ground and transfer it to the room. This brings down the temperature. This is why interior designers go through many steps and see more to select proper flooring material.

Care for your curtains!

The curtains must be there in your home. Thick and opaque curtains are generally advised for hot areas as they reflect back heat and retain the coolness of the inside.

Furthermore, make sure that the windows are not falling under direct sunlight. It will let the summer rays directly enter your dorm and warm things up. Even the curtains will not help in such cases. Keep windows, but make sure that the noon and afternoon sun does not penetrate it. For this, you might want to add extending eaves over your window at a length and angle that stops these rays from coming after 9-10 am to 4-5 pm. If you love winter sun, use adjustable eaves instead.

The texture is important!

The general advice for the areas where the sun comes harsh is to not use rough and grainy textures. Rough textures trap the heat and thus create a warm environment. Furthermore, rough textures create a harsh environment for our eyes and thus give an illusion of heat.

Says Radvi (Interior Designers in Coimbatore), smooth textures come as a solution for this. You must use smooth textures throughout the house (wherever possible) to add a touch of cool breeze into your home. Smooth textures reflect heat back and retain the cool nature of the dark.

Avoid poly or leather for upholstery. Leather is a terrible choice for hot environments.

The color used inside the house!

Ah! We all have heard from many that one should not wear pitch red in the summer – it just feels hot. The use of dark and low-key colours is not recommended for hot climatic areas. Pastel colours and light off-white neutral colours are great to add a touch of coolness into your home. It feels light to the eyes and adds a sense of ease and comfort into the heart. Says Radvi, Interior Designers in Coimbatore use specific colours to match the climatic conditions and thus provide ease from heat.

Give space to plants!

Yes. Plants and trees are natural coolers. They further help in the ventilation and regulation of airflow.

Plants and trees have a natural tendency to trap heat inside them. Another good reason to add plants is that they clean the air around you. There are plants that act as purifiers – search for these plants and bring them near yourself.

These are all the few tips that you might want to make use of if you live in the extreme summer climatic zone. We shape our home to bring us flowers full of comfort and joy, but these same homes sometimes start to prick us. One such instance is when their bad design punishes us with trapped heat in the summers. If you are planning your home from scratch, it is advised to hire an expert architect and interior designer. They shape our home towards grace. Our suggestion is to check out Radvi Interior Designers in Coimbatore. They have over 3 decade old expertise and operate in many places over India. See more about how they work and how they can help you out. YOur home is something that gets built once in a lifetime. You might not want to ruin this one chance with wrong choices made.

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