Find Out How Interns Can Benefit from Corporate Housing


Hotel stays and renting rooms are good options if you are on a short business trip or on a brief vacation but the cost of hotel rooms and even rented bedrooms becomes quite unbearable if you are planning to stay there for a month or long. Moreover, the added expense of dining out every day for each meal becomes an extra monetary burden.

For these longer stays, corporate houses come to your rescue. These houses bring the cost down with fewer rental charges and better facilities. You can cook your own food and do your own laundry to save bucks. Living in corporate houses cost you approximately half of what hotel stays are charging these days. Sometimes your rental charges are also sponsored by your employer or insurance company, which really makes it a lot more affordable option.

Interns and Corporate Housing

Corporate houses often grab the attention of interns for their residential issues and they are the most frequent users of this housing facility.

If you are a graduate or undergraduate and want to explore the cooperative world and attain the firsthand experience of working environments, you should decide to explore various opportunities that often require relocating and staying in new cities and towns. The biggest concern of these struggling interns is to find a safe and affordable housing that is in close proximity of their workplace. This residential issue turns out to be the greatest obstacle in their way and often make them stick with less-than-perfect housing options.

Many companies and firms are well aware of this major concern of internees and facilitate their future employees by offering them these corporate houses. The employer often bears complete or a major part of the housing cost to attract the fresh graduates looking for better career opportunities. This strategy helps them in getting the brightest and capable employees for their firms as these interns of today opt for a permanent job after their internship in the same firm.

Industries Sponsoring Corporate Housing

The 5 top most industries that sponsor housing facility for their internees are:

The industry of Telecommunication and Technology

The market leaders of the industry of telecommunication and technology, like Apple, Google, and Facebook, are always in search of talented young minds and offer all the finest facilities including the corporate housing to their internees. Their internship opportunity is once in a lifetime opportunity for the students in this field.

The industry of Medicine and Healthcare

Health care industry also offers the sponsored housing facility for its junior officers and nurses.

Other industries that offer relocating and housing assistance are

  • Law
  • Government and Lobbying
  • And Finance

Most of the hiring authorities of these industries either sponsor complete housing cost or pay a part of rental charges to facilitate their internees. So, if you’re looking for right internship opportunities, be sure to look for a job in these industries to be able to secure a right accommodation at the same time.

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