Can Foreign Nationals Purchase Property In Prince George, BC


“The ache for home lives in all of us to a safe place where we can go as we are a band not to be questioned.” Prince George has been a hub city for the province. Prince George real estate is always one of the best residential real estate investment destinations.

Because of the commitment and service towards their clients, it has become every real estate investor’s first choice. Unlike the countries who offer their land to be purchased by their citizens, Prince George land is open to all individuals whether be a citizen or not.

How can a Foreigner purchase Property in Prince George, BC?

Buying plot in Prince George is hassle free. Here is the idea of the steps as to how you can jump into your dreamland effortlessly.

  1. Keep all your views regarding you house cleared as in what type of house you want with how much bedrooms as well as bathrooms, in how much area or location. Above of all this, your budget should be set in your head. With this clarity, there will be no confusion at the time of finalization of your project.
  2. Get yourself updated about the tax rate applied, mode of payment, terms, and conditions, etc. in detailed as small skip in your knowledge can cost you a lot afterward.
  3. Through online, you can fill up the requirements and as soon as you will do it a list of properties will hit up your email giving you the choices of plots as per your choice.
  4. Negotiate the deal as per your convenience and come up with the mutually agreed fair price.
  5. You can now move to the actual place thereby having an eye on the actual place of your property and signing up the deal to make it official.

Hurdles Always Exists

There is always a flip side of the coin. Some possible problems that a foreigner always has to come across while buying a property in Prince George are below:

  • Payment: Every individual has to arrange finances to own a plot. Outsiders to take up the land has to buy higher interest rates and are also required to pay larger down payments compared to domestic buyers. The legal process is very severe for foreigners.
  • Travel: There is always a need for travel to the actual place of the property to negotiate and have a look at the property. For foreigners, traveling to another country costs a lot and also proves to be tiring.
  • Taxes: Each country adopts different tax rate system. Before every property dealing, a local tax expert should be consulted to get the detailed information about taxation system and payment of the same. Capital gain, depreciation, mortgage interest should be clarified. Rates of taxation vary completely for residents and

For outsiders buying property in a foreign country may be a little difficult task but it can be done very easily with intelligence and proper knowledge.

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