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Many people dream of changing their place of residence to another city or even to another country. But the majority of them are always so hesitant to fulfill their dreams. And the first thing that scares them is uncertainty. Since you have to go to a foreign city, rent an apartment for the first time, and then search for suitable housing. And to do this in a foreign country will not be easy.

But if you are faced with the problem of finding real estate abroad, you should bear in mind that the real estate market has changed significantly and reached the international level. Modern tools allow you to make a choice not only without leaving the country, but even without getting up from your own sofa. One of such tools is the international portal is a universal Internet resource that combines the functions of different real estate sites around the world. Using it, you can save yourself the exhausting search for information on numerous sites. The portal allows you to compare the conditions for the purchase of real estate in different countries and choose the most suitable variants. Upon arrival in the country, the buyer will have to personally inspect the selected object and complete the purchase/sale transaction.

Advantages of the Fodyo portal contains a huge base of real estate of various types. Here you can choose an apartment in one of the new buildings in the United States (, in Russia and other countries, a cozy house or townhouse, apartments on the secondary market, etc. In addition, each real estate object is supported by a detailed description. It allows you to get a fairly clear idea of both the object itself and the surrounding neighbourhood.

The description, in addition to the main characteristics (area, number of rooms, layout features, etc.), includes information about:

  • property developer;
  • the stage of the construction;
  • residential neighborhood and infrastructure of the district where the object is located, etc.

The description is supported by an indication of the exact location of the object on the map and the layout of each apartment or house for sale.

The site is structured in such a way that it is easy and comfortable to use it while the information flow is too large. Any user who first gets to the portal can understand the interface. For ease of search, there is a filter on the main page with which you can set the desired location of the object and the main characteristics (number of rooms, living space, price, etc.). You can also view all the variants by selecting a country and city.

Real estate and not only

Another advantage of the portal is the placement of additional information, for example, on the conditions of a mortgage in a particular country, banks that are ready to provide loan services, etc. Here you can even contact the managers of a financial organization and discuss the conditions for obtaining a mortgage.

The portal is represented in 2 languages (Russian and English), which makes using it convenient for residents of Russia and other states of the former USSR and many countries of the world.

The information on the site is regularly updated, therefore it is always up to date. On each page of the resource there is a form, filling out which, you can get the help of an experienced manager, as well as contact the seller of a particular object to discuss the details of the transaction with him.

Who can use the services of the portal

The portal is available for general use. To get access to all the services of the portal, you should go through a simple registration procedure. The resource is used, first of all, by potential buyers of real estate for personal purposes or profitable investments.

Both owners of real estate objects and trusted people, including realtors and real estate agencies, can be sellers of real estate objects. Therefore, the portal offers cooperation to real estate offices in different countries.

In addition, the site can be a good opportunity for law firms and financial organizations to offer their services. is a relatively new portal that is actively developing and expanding the geography of its activities. But today it is already popular, both among sellers of real estate, and among those who are going to buy it.

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