Reasons Why You Should Move To Montana


Montana is famous for its natural beauty. It is home to some of the most beautiful wildlife. It is also home to a lot of unique cities and towns. These are places filled with friendly residents. Read below to check out more reasons why you should move to Montana.

Unmatched natural beauty

People travel all over the world to visit Montana. This is because of its stunning beauty. An affluence of natural beauty will surround you when you move to Montana. You can have rolling grasslands on one side and craggy mountains on the other. You will also have several of the country’s most famous national parks outside your front door. The Beartooth Mountains are some of Montana’s natural treasures. As well as the Yellowstone River, Grinnell Glacier, and the Missouri River. Also, Lewis and Clark Caverns and the Badlands of Makoshika State Park.

Low property taxes

Property taxes in Montana are lower than the national average. Montana is 20th out of the 50 states. Montana’s effective real estate tax rate is 0.85 percent. The national average is 1.19 percent. You can see how good it is to be a Montana homeowner.

A lot of wide open spaces

Montana is one of the largest states. But it is also one of the states with the least dense population. Montana is the 44th most populous state. Expect to find plenty of wide open spaces when you move to Montana.

Full of interesting and vibrant places

The State of Montana is full of gorgeous places to live in. Bozeman has plenty of shops, parks and culture. This large town has all the conveniences of city living. But it still offers a special small town feel. The Flathead Valley located next to Glacier National Park is very luxurious. There are many Montana luxury homes for sale here. Cities such as Billings and Missoula are more crowded than the average Montana town. Anaconda, Butte, and Livingston have outdoor recreational opportunities. As well as stunning surroundings and thriving economies.

Plenty of outdoor activities

Life in this state is one big adventure. One of the main reasons why people move to Montana is the sheer number of things to do outside. You can enjoy fly-fishing, ice climbing, and horseback riding. As well as snow shoeing, camping, and golfing. You can also do some rock climbing, hunting, skiing, and snowboarding. Or you can choose to whitewater raft, swim, or hike. Dog sledding and mountain biking are also some of the options.

Several top-ranked colleges and universities are available

There are plenty of educational opportunities throughout the state. There are lots of top public and private universities for those who want to earn their degree in Montana. These include Carroll College, Montana State University, and the University of Montana. As well as the Rocky Mountain College, the University of Providence, and Montana Tech.

Montana is so much more than beautiful scenery. The state is home to a burgeoning tech industry and vibrant college towns. It also has a tight-knit, friendly communities.

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