What if Your Removalists Cancel at the Last Minute


A move can be very stressful. To take the stress out of the move, many people hire the “man with a van” type of mover. These are small operations that are flexible and quick to respond. However, that means some of them are unfortunately run by unreliable removalists. They might be unreliable because they overschedule or overpromise. They might just be dishonest people. Either way, it could be a serious burden on you. If you are cancelled on at the last minute, you need a removalist on short notice.

Short Notice

When you’re looking for a reliable removals company in Penzance on short notice, you need to search for one that specifically says they can provide emergency services.

  • They need to be flexible enough to respond very quickly to your phone call or email.
  • They need to state openly that they can do rapid response work.
  • They need to offer free estimates over the phone. An estimate after a visual inspection might be slightly more accurate, but it will take more time.
  • If it’s an emergency, you need a rapid estimate.

Blankets and Straps

Sometimes, the small versatile “man with a van” operations keep themselves responsive and affordable by skimping on different items. You need an operation that has straps, moving blankets, dollies, hand trucks, and other tools. This equipment will make the move go much more quickly. It will also ensure that things are not broken in the move.

Finally, you should look for someone who also does commercial moves. You might need that in the future if you run a business.

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