Top of the Cheapest Basement Ceiling Ideas


When you are trying to stay on a budget plan with your basement ceiling or run out your planned costs trying to finish basement it could be a difficulty to choose the ideal ceiling tile or find the appropriate material. It is rather typical situation when homeowners planning the costs to finish basement do not consider budgeting in a lot for ceilings. Finishing off the basement ceiling might seem like a large undertaking. However, your project can be done without investing a lot of money. Here are the most affordable ceiling options.

–       Drywall

Choose drywall in case you have pipelines or beam of lights subjected. It gives excellent insulation and a fresh start for your newly upgraded finished basement. Drywall is only a $1-2 per square foot so it will not be as huge as you assume.

–       Decrease ceilings

It is a lightweight, reliable and easy-to-install budget-friendly ceiling option that completely covers ductwork and pipelines. It is a great alternative for unfinished or partly ended up basements. It could be made more eye-catching with acrylic or mineral fibers that resemble decorative timber or steel.

–       Tin ceramic tiles

They are wonderful for a significant look in the finished basement. This is a great idea to add a vintage style to your basement. The tiles resemble real, thick, complex items of steel work. They have additional plus for badly heated basements and could make your house much more energy reliable.

–       Sheet paneling

For an entirely unfinished basement ceiling and for some upgrades think of this extremely efficient alternative, specifically if you do not care of the look of your basement. Besides, these panels are commonly available in items they are 4′ x 8′ as well as they could cost as reduced as around $15 each panel–pleasant bargain for your budget.

–       Wood planks

This is the least expensive choice that can be painted in any colour you wish to give your basement a fresh look.

–       Styrofoam or particle board

Styrofoam panels are the most affordable choices out there for basement ceilings. This inexpensive solution looks similar to much more costly ceramic tile options. It provides adequate protection as well as good insulation in basement ceiling.

–       HD Wallpaper

If you have a drywall ceiling in your basement instead of paying for new panels or ceramic tiles put wallpaper up to resemble the look of ceramic tiles.

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