Tips To Keep in mind when looking for an event space for rent


Singapore is the only island city-state in the world and famously tagged as the Lion City, Garden City and the Red Dot. It is also one of the leading global commerce, transportation and financial hubs. Aside from what Singapore is known for, there are a million reasons why Singapore is the perfect destination for leisure, business and trade.

For most businesses in Singapore, hosting an event can be as easy as 1-2-3, but for some, with so many venues to choose from, it can be hard to pick. When organizing any event –be corporate or for simple social gatherings, there are a lot of things you need to consider before making a decision in picking the right event space rental in Singapore. The success of an event would depend on your choice of venue as well as careful planning and timing.

Though it might seem overwhelming – even to seasoned event planners, they still find it hard sometimes to select the ideal event space rental in Singapore; you will need to carefully make plans and understand the factors involved before a decision can be made. So let’s tackle them one-by-one for a better understanding of the factors involved in your decision.

  1. Budget
  2. Number of attendees
  3. Type of event – it can be formal, semi-formal, geeky, sci-fi, and etc.

These top 3 listed by priority, can help guide you with your search for your event venue. Make sure that planning is at least six months ahead to ensure that everything is set in place and any minor changes can still be done, plus this gives you enough time to promote your event especially if you are running a charity or fundraising activity.

Even if you already know the budget, the number of attendees and the type of event, searching for the venue can still take up a lot of your time. To save you time, here are a few shortcuts:

  1. Check online to find your local venue and pick which one is right for you.
  2. Check with your local convention and visitor’s bureau and inquire about venues that best suit your requirements.

When you are ready to look for your ideal venue, consider the following crucial factors:

  • COST– every organizer is particular with costs and aims to keep the venue costs down as it gives them more room in their budget for food, beverages and entertainment.
  • AMBIANCE– each event has its own theme, so pay close attention to the existing décor within the venue.
  • SERVICES and AMENITIES– this is another important factor that you need to take into account when it comes to what the venue offers and this means that it should have the following:
    • Kitchen and provides catering
    • Have enough tables, chairs and linens
    • Have a setup and clean-up crew
    • Can provide audio-visual equipment
  • LOCATION– having a convenient location can mean different things for a variety of events. For example, if the attendees are from out of town, then a venue that is near the airport would make sense, while a venue that is within a reasonable distance from most of the attendees’ homes or work place would make perfect sense.
  • CAPACITY and MINIMUMS– check how much room capacity can the venue hold, this is important for two reasons – comfort and for safety reasons that every venue needs to abide. As for the minimums, we are referring to the food and beverage minimum spend, be sure to get this information in writing. If you are looking to attract a bigger audience, you would need to make sure you cover your bases in case the numbers of people you expect to attend are not met.
  • PARKING– Check whether the venue has a parking area or valet parking. Having a parking space for your guests is more convenient, especially for those that have their own cars.
  • LAYOUT – Even in the early stages of the event planning, you will need to know your way around and have a pretty good idea as to the types of activities you would want to include as well as the amenities you will need and the needs of everyone attending the event. To narrow down your selection, it is best to get the floor plan of each venue and make sure to visit your favorite places at least one time and make note of where the important things are located like the outlets, the AV equipment and etc. A floor plan will impact some different aspects of your event.
  • ACCESSIBILITY – this refers to the possibility for everyone, including and especially guests with special needs, to access the building and its amenities.

After going through our list of tips, you can see that there are a lot of things to consider when choosing your event venue. So take these tips when you do your research, and you will not have a hard time picking the right venue for your event.

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