The Top Three Qualities of Reputable Builders


Building a new home or adding an addition to an existing structure is an exciting process that takes planning, coordination and communication. However, the most important step of that process is selecting a builder than you can trust to do not just a great job, but an outstanding job.

The Importance of an Excellent Builder

The builder sets the foundation, quite literally, for all future structural changes or renovations. A building job done incorrectly can lead to complications down the road and may end up forcing you to invest quite a bit in expensive repairs. By properly researching all prospective builders in WF14 prior to hiring one, you can be sure that your job will get done on time and be of the highest quality possible.

Qualities to Look for

Although the overall quality that is most important with any builder is communication, there are many additional more nuanced characteristics that homeowners should look for, including the following:

  • Arguably the most important trait, experience indicates the knowledge level that a builder will have. Bad builders may present a portfolio that seems to select a few quality jobs, but actually represents a lack of experience.
  • The building company should be happy to give estimates and answers to questions without acting as if this is an inconvenience.
  • The team of employees should be friendly and competent as well as properly licensed.
  • Before officially beginning, a builder should be happy to present proof of licensing and insurance.

Overall, excellent building companies have an attitude of cooperation and take pride in the high quality of their previous projects. In the final stages of choosing a builder, consider requesting references and reviews to solidify your decision.

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