The Tasks That Asbestos Surveyors And Consultants Do


Qualified professionals need to be called when the inhabitants suspect that asbestos is present in the building.

  • The asbestos can have a damaging effect on health and it can also catch fire easily.
  • Health issues such as cancer will have a significant impact on people’s lives.
  • Asbestos residue also needs to be removed from the building so that it is very safe.
  • Asbestos also has an impact on the value and saleability of property. People will not want to buy a building that is full of asbestos. Once the asbestos has been removed, potential buyers should be much more motivated. This is one of the most important aspects of asbestos removal.

What tasks do asbestos surveyors and consultants do?

Surveyors – Identifying The Presence Of Solid Asbestos And Residue

Surveyors have one of the most challenging jobs in asbestos of identifying the presence of solid asbestos and residue. These inspections can be carried out in commercial or residential properties. Due diligence needs to be carried out when these inspections are taking place.

These professionals need to have a good eye for detail and they have to be able to use a wide range of different equipment. Asbestos might be present on the roof or the walls.

Also, the surveyor will be in charge of carrying out follow-up inspections every few months. Safety of the building inhabitants is paramount.

In order to become a professional asbestos surveyor, people have to complete a rigorous training course.

Consultants – Providing Advice About Asbestos To Homeowners And Business Owners

An asbestos consultant does not have to carry out inspections. Instead, they offer advice to homeowners and business owners. The consultant will let their clients know about the relative dangers of asbestos.

Once the clients have paid for a consultation, they will then be able to have all of the asbestos removed. Consultants recommend that an inspection is carried out after the asbestos removal process.

A consultant has to receive training so that they are able to dispense the right kind of advice. Some consultants will specialise in commercial buildings and others specialise in residential homes.

The Benefit Of Experience

Surveyors and consultants will improve over time because they gain more experience. These asbestos professionals should constantly be looking to improve their skills and their knowledge.

As technology develops, this makes it easier for surveyors to do their jobs. Consultants will need to make sure that they keep their knowledge of asbestos removal techniques up to date.

There are many books and training courses that people will be able to take advantage of so that they can improve the scope of their knowledge.

Choosing A Career In Asbestos

It is a wise idea to choose a career in asbestos because this will benefit people immeasurably. A surveyor makes sure that a building has been completely removed. Consultants have to make sure that the advice that they give is completely accurate, and that people are fully aware of asbestos dangers.

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