Should You Choose A Condo Or A Landed Property – Some Tips.


Singapore is a fantastic place to live in, of that there is no doubt. Many different nationalities live here, as it offers many opportunities, you just wouldn’t get elsewhere. There are large numbers of truly beautiful condos available here, but you can also own a quite exclusive landed home. Which one to choose is the dilemma for most people, and it is a very important decision to make. I will try to assist you with that today, and point out some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Great Amenities.

Condo’s offer fantastic amenities and swimming pools are a standard feature of any condo. After a hard day working or shopping in the city, you will most definitely be ready for a cool dip, and being able to swim in a pool that is maintained for you, is a real slice of heaven. Condos also offer suitable and safe play areas for your kids and some even offer crèche facilities and day care. There are, of course, areas for adults as well, like tennis courts or a fully fitted gym, saving you lots of money on fees.

Additional Space.

If there is a landed property for sale in Singapore, then you have so much more space available to you, both inside and outside. For many, a garden is an essential addition to any home and they just don’t feel right at home, unless there is somewhere to potter about and plant some beautiful flowers. Due to the very warm climate in Singapore, growing your own fruit or vegetables is also an option open to you. Singapore, as you know, has a pretty low crime rate in comparison to other countries, so paying for a security detail in your area seems to be money that doesn’t need to be spent. Landed properties allow you to pay for the things you want, and also the things that you don’t want.


Parking and additional security are a common feature of living in a condo, and there is also guest parking, when you want to invite a few friends around. As we all know, finding a parking space on the street is next to impossible, so this added bonus can prove to be invaluable. Also taking care of the area around the condo like grassy areas or walkways is not your responsibility, as it is all taken care of, by the condo management team. If you find that there is an issue, then give them a call and they will fix it.

Noisy Neighbours.

Having neighbours is great, but we generally only want to pass them in the hall and say hi. Neighbours can sometimes invite friends around and have a party, and this may upset you, especially if they are playing loud music. Nobody likes to complain but sometimes you must, and then your neighbours don’t like you anymore. You won’t have this problem in a landed area, as your home is generally located in a quiet place away from others.

Choosing between a condo and a landed property depends on what you want out of life. Do you want convenience and numerous amenities, or do you want peace and quiet with your own little garden. It’s up to you, but be sure to choose wisely.

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