Should You Be Prepared To Deal With Fires?


House fires are among the leading causes of property damage. Often the result of careless cooking, misplaced candles, malfunctioning electrical equipment or faulty wiring, these accidents have a huge destructive potential. Most fires can burn down a building in a matter of hours, turning everything they encounter into a pile of molten rubble.

With insurance companies grossly underpaying your claims and plenty of rebuilding ahead of you, a house fire is highly likely to make you homeless. Such unbearable risks spark an obvious question: should you prepare yourself to fight back?

Invest In Your Very Own Lifeline

Across the United States and Australia, fire brigades take eight to ten minutes to intervene. Calls have to be rerouted and a squad must hit the streets before they can drive to your place. For a rampaging fire, though, that’s enough to wreak some serious havoc on both your house and your finances.

According to statistics, 30 seconds are more than enough for a minor episode to grow into a fully fledged emergency. If you want to ensure the survival of your dwelling place, here are a few steps that you should follow:

  • Stock Up on Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Detectors
    When the alarms start blaring, you’ll want to be as independent as you possibly can. Equip your luxury house with several fire extinguishers and install smoke detectors in all rooms. If your house falls victim to a fire, assess the situation first and then decide whether you should call the fire department. Most smaller house fires can be contained without having to rely on external help.
  • Teach Your Family and Household Staff How To Use All Equipment

In an emergency, fear is your worst enemy. Especially if your home is large enough to house a staff, you soon risk having to deal with panicked people on top of the fire itself. Fortunately, specific training is available even to smaller groups. Rounding the squad in a single room and going over safety procedures as well as how everything works will save you a lot of hassle.

  • Hire a Professional Maintenance Company
    No matter how careful you are, no matter how little you use it, equipment will need regular maintenance. When the time comes, hiring the right company can make a world of difference. Pick someone that you can trust and have them go over all of your tools and kits. If you can, referring to the same group who sold you those items in the first place is always a great idea.

In Conclusion

Even today, house fires remain a constant and tangible threat to the safety of your home. As both an owner and a responsible neighbor, it is your duty to prevent these accidents from happening. Top of the line equipment, thorough training, and continuous maintenance are all extremely solid investments. Think of it as a way to protect both your belongings and your loved ones!

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