Real estate offers on the island of Zakynthos


The range of prices for housing is very wide: from $ 500-700 per square meter in some parts of the island to $ 25,000 in elite areas. Of course, the cost of Zakynthos real estate depends on many factors, such as, for example, sea view (the view will cost an additional $ 3.000-6.000), the presence of a large balcony or terrace, parking or an underground garage, see the proposals on the site

Becoming an owner of real estate, you can visit many attractions, especially if you love the story you should be alive to see the ancient monasteries, which on the island are huge.

  • Monastery of Agios Georgios in Gremnon, in 1535 in the secluded region of Gremnon the monks Makarii and Varlaam founded the monastery of St. George. After a while, a unique tower was added to it (in order to protect the monastery from pirate raids). A little below the monastery you will see a small platform that hangs over the precipice. From this place, a magnificent view of Navagio beach opens.
  • Anafonitria monastery, according to legend, Saint Dionysios, the patron of the island, helped the murderer of his brother to take shelter in this monastery in the 15th century. In addition, it is believed that the icon of the Virgin from Constantinople miraculously arrived in this monastery, immediately after its fall. Legends or history, a magnificent monastery in any case deserves your attention.
  • Mark’s Square, with Venetian polish, St. Mark’s Square is the center of Zakynthos’s social life. It was on this square that the revolution of commoners occurred in 1797, which burned the notorious Libro d’Oro, thereby eliminating the hereditary privileges of the nobility. You can have a wonderful time in countless cafes and bars, or visit the museum of Dionysius Solomos, the outstanding natives of Zakynthos.

The land of Hellas attracts our fellow citizens a mild climate, comparative stability, a common Orthodox culture.

There are no restrictions on the purchase of real estate on the island for foreigners and you can see this in real estate agency Greece. It should be said that it is not burdensome for the wealthy foreigners to own a house: an apartment or an apartment bought on an island not worth more than $ 175,000 is not subject to an annual property tax. That is, having paid the necessary taxes when you make a purchase, you will no longer have to remember the fiscal expenses. We must also take into account that when calculating state officials are guided by a few understated rates and the real market price of a tax-free home can be higher than 175 thousand dollars.

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