Mumbai – A city of intelligent dream homes


Talk about Dream City and Mumbai definitely is synonymous to it. Be its infrastructure development, art & entertainment culture, Architecture, or the economic power, Mumbai definitely has multiple feathers to it.

In a city like Mumbai, where space is imperative, this new pattern of smartly planned, intelligent homes is quickly making up for lost time. These insightfully designed homes are space savers while giving all amenities inside the accessible territory. The savvy plan of these pads guarantees there is no space wastage. The homes don’t flaunt long passages. Rather, they use each square feet for an utilitarian reason. What truly makes them stand separated is that these intelligent homes are budget-friendly as well. Talk to the experts to know more about  the new projects in Mumbai

The sedentary lifestyle and the human rat race has left us with no choices but, to compromise. And, guess what are we always running short of? Time, isn’t it? No longer people have the liberty to work at their own pace or be need oriented. After all, desires are ruling over needs. Today, we live in the world of “More” and to compete at that level, you got to be smart, quick, and choosy. Thanks to the concept of Intelligent homes in Mumbai that has completely revolutionized the way of living.

The intelligent homes are powered by Amazon Echo and Apple Home, wherein you give voice commands to assistants Siri and Alexa to get routine home tasks completed. Want to reset the  AC temperature? Want to switch off the lights or change the TV channel? Simply, give a command and all these mundane tasks would be done in no time. These intelligent homes give you the luxury of having your home customized to your comfort, all day, every minute. Check the new projects in Mumbai and book your dream home right away!

Your parking worries are taken care by intelligent apps that allow you to be on the road within minutes, using state of the art car retrieval systems. A turntable ensures that your car comes out facing front and you get the convenience of not having to reverse your car. The contemporary stylish kitchens come with dado tiles, caesar stone/granite platforms with scratch resistant kitchen sinks, intelligently designed extendable taps and branded appliances like in-built hob, chimney & microwave. Thanks to Haware Intelligentia for making Mumbai – A city of intelligent dream homes!

With rapid advancements in technology every passing day, our daily life is becoming more and more intelligent. Gadgets and devices too get outdated so quickly. However, our homes still replete with yesterday’s amenities, isn’t it? Intelligentia have made “intelligence” synonymous with “smartness”, the two qualities that every human being would love to possess.

Explore the new projects in Mumbai that are designed to suit the needs of Millenials.

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