How to Properly Pack and Store Wines


A great number of people have a great love for wine and for them it is one of the most priced possession. These bottles serve as an asset to them so when it comes to shifting them from one home to another, they actually need extra care.

  1. Make a list and categorize it

The very first step when you begin with the packing of wine and champagne for the moving purpose it to make a list of it. Here you have kept wines in the storage units norfolk with extra care but now while packing they won’t be just stuck with you.

So, in that case, make a list of your present collection and then organize the bottles into different categories. There are a number of sections in which you can divide. They could be according to the:-

  • Brand.
  • Color(e.g. red, white, pink).
  • Region.
  • size.
  • varietal.

Categorizing the bottles when you are opting for transfer makes sure that no wine or champagne is lost along the way. You have a note of all so nobody can take it.

Plus, it makes it quite easier to find the particular bottle which you require for opening once your shifting process is complete.

  1. Pack the bottles carefully

Once the process of making list and categorized of the collection is done perfectly, it’s time to start with the packing process. Before you start with the packing, there are certain points which you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the bottles which were open are properly sealed with corks or caps.
  • Before placing bottles in boxes, go for wrapping the bottles in paper or bubble wrap them.
  • Be very careful of what you are packing. For instance, the red and white wines should be positioned upside down or on their sides, whereas the bottles of champagne should be packed upright.
  • Consider box for the fragile glassware. Look for those which are sturdy and have dividers to avoid bottles from clanking around during the shifting process.
  • Both the bottom and top of boxes should be heavily taped

Quick tip: If the bottle to your new home needs to be shipped then do not pack ones are already opened.

  1. Store Excess Wine

If there is no room for your wine and champagne once you get settled in your new home, consider renting a self-storage facility.

Self-storage will keep your bottles in a safe home until you require them or find a place to keep them. Other than this storage unit is also a feasible option.

For storing the wine and champagne, following factors should be considered:

  • Temperature and humidity: look for facilities that have climate control to preserve and age your wine properly while in storage. The most suitable temperature for most white, pink and red wine is 55 degrees.
  • Proper placement: Placement of wine bottles should be either on their side or at a downward angle to keep corks from drying out.
  • Avoid storing indirect light. The direct light will lead to unintended chemical reactions that could change the taste, color or composition of the wine. So don’t opt for that.

Hope this guide will help you store your precious wine bottles with perfection and for as long as you wish.

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