Home Improvement by the Numbers: Current and Forthcoming Trends


Some of the most-watched shows and programmes in the UK depict home improvement techniques, DIY projects, interior design tactics, and other iterations of renovation-related reality television, which is indicative of the fact that we are a nation that loves reimagining and revamping our abodes.

The Present-Day Fashions and Leanings in Home Improvement

Coming hot off the heels of Home Improvement Month, several research organisations made a concerted effort to illuminate the true nature of residential development, or, in other words, compile the home improvement data that you probably won’t see on television shows:

  • UK mortgage lenders believe that property appraisal values will continue to track upwards for at least the next 30 months, presenting the epitome of an ideal climate for reinvesting into domestic buildings.
  • The aggregate number of home improvement applications rose the most in the middle and northern boroughs of the UK.
  • This regional increase was tabbed at over 9% during the past 12 months, which means that high quality builders in Harrogate are now busier than they’ve been since the year 2002.

Backyard extensions and orangery constructions are the most coveted applications, probably because these projects are best suited to complement the recent revival in the property market.

Developing Ideas for Your Home

It might seem like an insurmountable, time-consuming challenge to generate a fitting redesign strategy or renovation plan, but this is exactly where case studies and pictographic models come into play.

You should avoid surfing through airbrushed, generic pictures on the Internet, and instead browse through the authentic portfolio of your community builders. From barn conversions and wet room constructions to row house reformations, skylight installations, and other unique undertakings, you’ll be able to scrutinise a broad variety of before and after photos.

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