Good Neighbors: The Best Form of Home Security


There are many benefits to having good neighbors; it allows you to have someone to go to in times of need whether it’s for a cup of sugar or whether you just want to ask about the newspaper not being delivered. Many people become close friends or even best friends with their neighbors and enjoy spending time together having barbeques or dinner parties. They may even trade off taking care of each other’s children. A good neighbor can also be a great form of home security to help protect your home from burglars.

Develop a Friendly Relationship

When you have a friendly relationship with your neighbors, it gives them an opportunity to know a little about you. They will tend to pay closer attention to the friends and family that you have visiting your home. They’ll recognize vehicles that they see at your home and know that those vehicles belong to someone that you know. An attentive neighbor will notice a vehicle that they’ve never seen at your home before and make sure that that person should be there.

Communicate with Your Neighbors

When you choose to let your neighbors know things such as your work schedule or when you are expecting the repair man to come and fix the washer or dryer it will give them an insight to what is going on at your house. They’ll not be alarmed if they look in your driveway and see a strange looking van. When they know your work schedule they’ll know if someone should or should not be at your home at all. Trade phone numbers so that you can contact each other easily to make sure that if something going on that is questionable you can call your neighbor to inquire about the situation.

Form a Watch Committee

If you and your neighbor or neighbors choose too, you can easily form a watch committee that allows everyone to keep an eye on each other’s property. You don’t have to go to any trouble to form your committee, just agree that if one of you is out of town or at work that whoever is at home will pay as close attention to what is going on as possible. Let each other know when you plan on going on vacation so that you can gather the mail and newspapers for each other so that it doesn’t look like you are out of town. You might even give them a key to your home so that they can alternate turning off and on lights, TV’s and radios in your home to make it look as though someone is at home.

Pay Attention

By keeping your eyes opened when you are at home as well as when you are coming and going in your neighborhood you can spot any abnormalities such as strange vehicles, people driving slowly through your neighborhood or even a stranger that is walking down the street.

Pair up with your neighbors to take advantage of having an extra pair of eyes to help create a better security system for you home as well as for your neighbors home and your neighborhood.

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