Do You Have Any Annoying Pests In Your Home Or Office You Need To Get Rid Of?


Whether in the home or office, pests like rats, mice, and cockroaches can become a huge issue. While we might be accustomed to seeing the odd cockroach or other insects here and there, the problem is that many such pests can set up home in dark and out of the way corners, and they reproduce very quickly. You could go from seeing one pest to seeing thousands of pests and become overwhelmed!

What Kind Of Pest Do You Have?

The good news is that professional pest control services in Cornwall can deal with all sorts of pests, but how do you know when you have a problem? Here are some signs that you need to call out the local pest controllers as soon as possible:

  • Cockroaches: It is often said that these pests will survive a nuclear war. They are so numerous and durable! If you see one cockroach running across the floor, there are likely to be more hiding away somewhere.
  • Mice: Field mice will often make it into homes and businesses through tiny holes in search of warmth and food sources. If you notice any mouse droppings, urine piles, or hear the sound of gnawing in the walls, it’s time to call in the pest experts.

Call Before It’s Too Late!

Even though we accept that these pests live right alongside us, the last thing we want is for them to set up shop in our homes and places of business. If you notice any signs of infestation, call the pest control experts as soon as possible.

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