5 Ways to Increase Your Home Value Through Cheap Landscaping


It is a no-brainer that giving your lawn a landscape treatment will surely increase your property value. Does it mean that you need to spend more to gain more? If you are planning to upgrade your property with minimal cost, the easiest yet fulfilling way is to do landscaping. On a side note, a consultation with an expert for Mortgage Loans San Antonio, TX will let you know the importance of increasing your property value.

Here are Five tips on improving your lawn to give it a top-notch landscape treatment without stressing your pocket.

Add Plant Borders

This is the cheapest yet most effective way to improve your lawn. Add borders to your plants to define the planted areas over the grass areas. You can use bricks or square stones that are cheaply available in the market. Aside from being cheap, installation is easy. Just lay them straight or around your planted areas. Congratulations! You already did a lawn upgrade.

If you want a more sophisticated way, make your borders into retainers. Lay your brick or stone in a line and put it on top of the other until you reached your desired height. Retainers hide certain parts of plants or pots that you want to cover.

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Provide pathways for traffic areas

Providing pathways or passage walks around the garden or traffic area around your property directs homeowners or visitors where to walk. It also protects the grass from being run-over by foot traffic that may eventually destroy it.

Path walks can be created with concrete patio stones or flagstone pathways, which are a bit expensive. Salvage materials like reclaimed wood or brick are good options. It is a matter of creativity and proper budgeting that gets you through this task.

Add Lights

Lighting is not only a matter of aesthetics but also a matter of safety for the homeowners and users. Incorporating lights to your garden does not only make it visually appealing but also avoids little accidents to happen. Be careful though in choosing your lighting as you might overdo it and affect your nearby neighbors with a glare.

Choose your plants

Choose local plants that are available in your area. The key to good landscaping is putting plenty of greens but not stressing yourself on maintaining it. Carefully doing so keeps the water and pruning cost down while still making the plants thrive well in the landscape.

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Maximize the use of potted plants

Image Source:https://stocksnap.io/photo/JOHHVIOMIW

Potted plants do not only make your landscape colorful (given you choose a variety of color and design) but, also it gives you mobility in moving it around your area. More to it being cost-friendly, it gives you versatility in handling and co-creating your garden whenever or wherever.

Final Thought

A beautiful yard doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With a little effort and a lot of creativity, you can create your desired outdoor landscape space on a minimal budget. You will feel just amazed at how much you can appraise your property value by upgrading your garden at a reasonable price point. So, consult an expert in Mortgage Loans San Antonio, TX to have your property assessed and see how much you really gained in increasing the value of your property with the little budget you had.

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