Top tips for improving your property value

Top tips for improving your property value

Regardless of whether this is your first property or your last, having a house usually comes with the need for DIY projects. Making the right changes can add thousands to the value of your home. Below we have listed several tips worth considering, some easy to do yourself, others will normally require the help from a professional. Depending on your budgets, starting with simple redecoration of your living room or kitchen is a great idea. For more adventurous homeowners you can get stuck into the garden for some great results. If you have decent budget, it’s well worth looking into either a bathroom or a kitchen install as these areas tend to sell a property.


Depending on the space surrounding your property, you could consider investing in an extension. If you have land down the side of your property, you could even think about a two-story extension. Most homeowners consider installing a conservatory or garden room at the back of the house, this significantly increases the downstairs living space, it also increases the usability of the garden as a connecting space.


The cheapest way to give your house a fresh look is to simply redecorate. For around £100, you can refresh several rooms, as all you require is a couple of litres of paint and some minor stylish fittings.

One of the great benefits of this, is that you can do most redecoration yourself, alleviating the need for skilled tradesmen. It may be worth considering the use of a focal point again, this isn’t expensive and can be as simply as wallpapering one wall in each room.


Take inspiration from the Japanese – less is often more. Rooms that are over-cluttered will make the space far too busy. De-cluttering will make you room look more spacious, you may also be able to sell some of the items you have removed from the area in question. One of an estate agent’s top tips is to de-clutter and de-personalise, this along with a bright and universal colour scheme will increase your chances of selling fast.

Bathroom replacement

If you have some budget to invest, consider replacing the bathrooms in the property. This is one room where a clean, fresh start will be very attractive to a potential buyer. If you are based in the home counties, make sure you try bathroom fitters in Cambridge. Installing a new bathroom should really be left to a professional, as a poor install could result in a whole raft of flooding issues!

Landscape garden

One overlooked area is your front and rear garden. You can make some very effective changes without having to spend a fortune. Most of the cost is time, so draft in friends and neighbours to shift that dirt. Cut back bushes and outline borders, keep on top of that lawn and if you have time put together an outdoor seating area.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you use the right professional if the job requires knowledge.

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