The Top Home Selling Tips for 2016

You have a moving truck in your future! Well, the movers will arrive at your home once you have sold your current house and have purchased another one. In the meantime, you need to get your home ready for sale. Here’s what you need to do in a bid to prepare your home.

1. Cut out the excess. Homes sell best when potential buyers are able to perceive how they would live in the house if it were their own home. Quite frankly, if your home is crowded or honed in by excess stuff, it may seem smaller than what it truly is. Get to work immediately by clearing off kitchen counters, removing bulky furniture from various rooms, and opening up your living spaces. Embrace the “urge to purge” mentality and begin setting aside everything in your home that won’t be moving with you. Take these items to a charitable organization and obtain your tax receipt. Or, hold a yard sale to earn money for your pending move.

2. Touch up, as needed. Unless the paint is peeling inside your home, much of the work required to whip your home in shape will be fairly simple. At the same time, if the wallpaper in your dining room or kitchen is simply too polarizing, then you should strip it and paint the walls. Everywhere else, touch up the walls to give it a fresh look. A coat of neutral paint can work wonders.

3. Clean or replace the carpeting. Homes with carpeting will appeal to some buyers. For others, it’ll be a huge distraction. If your carpets are in excellent shape, then leave them as is. However, if your carpeting is old, then consider removing it, especially if you have beautiful wood floors underneath. Go with what looks best!

4. Tackle your plumbing problems. Any problems with plumbing may seem magnified to the potential buyer. You need to go from room to room to ensure that all faucets are working, the toilets flush and refill on schedule, and all drains are clear. Sink stoppers must work and the connections to the dishwasher as well as to the washing machine should be free of corrosion.

5. Get packing now. You’ll be packing scores, if not hundreds of boxes before the movers arrive. At the same time, there are many items in your home that can be packed ahead of time and placed in your storage areas to free space. Go ahead and acquire some boxes now and pack anything you won’t need again until after you move. Put these boxes out of site for as long as your home is on the market.

6. Turn your attention to the exterior. With the interior of your home rocking, you need to turn your attention to its exterior. After all, curb appeal plays a huge role in attracting or scaring away customers. Indeed, potential buyers often make a decision within the first 10 seconds of pulling up in front of a home, then deciding whether they want to enter it or not. Never serve up an obstacle that might cause them to drive on.

7. Home exterior, lawn, and walks…oh, my! What things about your home’s exterior should be addressed? A number of things, including: peeling paint, dirty siding, a loose gutter, crowded bushes, an unkempt lawn, a broken sidewalk, and cluttered lawn ornamentation. Endeavor to tackle each project before the home is placed on the market.

Home Sell Considerations

Your real estate agent is the person to trust when you want to sell your home. She’ll make recommendations — if you follow them, you’ll be a better position to attract buyers.

As soon as you secure a buyer, then find a moving company to handle your move advises the North American Moving Company. Acquire your remaining boxes, work diligently on packing, and if you haven’t found a new home yet, then complete that process.

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