Five Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Roof Replacement

Replacing the roof of a home is a messy job, since the old roofing materials need to be removed and thrown away. Sometimes, other property can be damaged if it is in the way while the roofers are working, which can be frustrating, even though the roofing company is usually covered by insurance to pay for damages they have caused. Use these tips to prevent damage to your property and help the roofers get the job done quickly.

Remove Items from Yard

Walk around the perimeter of your house to find and remove any items, as this will prevent damage to them and make it easier for the roofers to work. Remove patio furniture, yard ornaments, and any debris such as branches or animal faeces. Also, either keep your pets indoors or kennel them until the work is done, and park your car in your garage or on the street so it is out of the way.

Move Valuables

The noise caused during a roof replacement can create vibrations through your home which can damage lamps, wall hangings, and even unstable furniture. It is better to remove art and clocks from the wall and put lamps on the floor while your roof is being replaced. Also, remove dishes, vases, or porcelain decorations items from open shelves. Moving these items will help keep them safe, and it should only be a few days until they can be put back where they belong.

Stay Inside

Be careful when going outside if you and your family are going to be home while the roof replacement is being done. Debris is often thrown into a skip bin or onto the ground while the roofers are working, so you could be accidentally hit by it. If you have small children who like to play outside, have them stay with grandparents or other relatives during the day and return after the workers have gone home.

Provide Access to Workers

If you are not going to be home while the work is being done, you will need to provide the workers with access to the house. Leave a key for the supervisor to find so they can get inside the house, or simply wait to leave for work until after the roofing crew has arrived for the day. Make sure the company you’ve hired for roofing in Perth is fully insured, in case something comes up missing while you are away from the house.

Inform Neighbours about Work

Be a good neighbour and let those who live around you know the roof of your house is going to be replaced. Those who live closest to you may want to park their cars on the street or in their garages to keep them from being damaged. Since roofing work is noisy, you will also want to inform your neighbours so that they will expect the noise while the work is being done.

By properly preparing your home, you can prevent your valuables and property from being damaged while the roofers are removing old materials and installing new ones. Fortunately, the disruptions to your life should only last a few days.


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