Tips to Make Your Next Move Stress Free

There comes a point in every moving experience where it feels like you’re living in a house with a revolving front door. You’re constantly moving back and forth with cardboard boxes slung abroad your shoulders, a thin layer of dust has suddenly appeared every now-vacant corner, and every time you accomplish one task it feels like a dozen more tasks await completion. To help with this overwhelming chaos it’s advisable to tackle some of the crucial, time-dependent tasks ahead of your actual move-in date. If the move itself is too demanding, consider working with a local mover.


Connect the Utilities

Whether you plan for it or not, something typically goes awry with a move. But little creates a boiling stress bubble faster arriving at your new home and discovering there is no power, water, gas or even Internet. It’s a nightmare to move boxes in dark, unfamiliar house. Luckily, preventing this snafu is easy if you take the 20 minutes before you move to double check that these resources are properly installed and turned on the day before you arrive.

Change Your Address

It’s likely that most of your possessions get shoved into boxes or crates during your move to a new home. You can easily forget about receiving new mail or home-welcoming gifts while you’re fervently unpacking. Prevent this headache by rerouting all your incoming mail to the new address. Get this process in place about a week before you move.

Get a New Auto Insurance Policy

This task is super easy to pass over, and only realize you forgot about it when it’s too late. If you’re moving to a new state, it’s entirely possible the new state has different car insurance policies. Check with your current insurer to decide what they recommend. Sometimes you’ll need to shop for a new insurance company in case the current one doesn’t do business nationwide. Regardless, if you’re proactive about the process then you’ll be ready in case an unfortunate accident happens. While you’re on a roll, take a moment to register your vehicle. You can typically do so online and then get your new license plate mailed to you.

Change Your Locks

You’re likely safe to tackle this final task once you’ve actually moved in, but if you’d like to be safe any locksmith worth their trade can change the locks on your house the day you arrive. Changing the locks so fast might seem silly at first, but do you know many keys to your home are floating out in the world? Are you sure it’s just the two or three the previous home owners gave you? A good lock or rekey kit will cost you about $100, but that’s a lot cheaper than some stranger popping into your new home uninvited.

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