What to do if Your Tenants are Using or Manufacturing Drugs

Landlords should never compromise their standards by allowing or ignoring the usage of drugs on their rental property. When accepting tenants into your rental it should always be crystal clear that the consumption of drugs won’t be tolerated. Through utilizing your rights as a homeowner you’re able to put systems in place. Industry experts like  Tim Manning understand the cleansing process required after drugs have been consumed on a premises. Professional advice is highly recommended in situations such as these.

Drugs usage can have some seriously detrimental effects to homes. Along with the obvious risk to tenants and possible exposure to neighbors, the residue that these chemicals leave behind can also pollute your property. These affects will stick around for years after the tenant has moved on. Methamphetamine is one of the riskiest drugs in this case; it gets into the very foundations of the home, posing health issues to anyone who lives in the home or nearby. It’s a well-known fact that most locations where meth is produced are rental properties.

It’s difficult to know exactly how severe the effects of drugs have had on a property so it’s prevent it occurring before it starts. Owners should take this task seriously when managing their rental properties, protecting the health of future tenants and neighbors, as well as their asset. Generally these situations occur in cases where landlords don’t inspect their properties regularly and don’t initiate proper reference checking before a tenant moves in. If tenants attempt to cause problems when an owner is setting up an inspection this should come as a warning that undesirable activity is happening in the home.

If you’re ever in the situation when you become aware of drug use occurring in your property it’s important to take proper care when dealing with the situation. Not only do you need to be careful with the safety of your property, but also with your own personal wellbeing. Imploring the support of a friend or professional will help you act rationally and legally. Those under the influence or drugs or in a desperate situation can be dangerous, so don’t attempt to aggravate the tenant or confront them. In these situations the law protects you so it’s unnecessary to allow your emotions to get the better of you and possibly risk your own safety.

Depending on the severity of the drug it’s up to your discretion how you approach the situation. If for instance, the tenant has consumed marijuana on the premises you may not wish to get the police involved. You can issue warning to the inhabitants that they’ve violated your agreement and decide whether you want them to move out or simply reiterate your

In the case of more serious drugs you need to take a harsher approach. As mentioned, methamphetamine can have dramatic effects on properties. In situations where a meth lab has been established, there is also a risk of explosion. In this case, you should always get the police involved in the first instance. Terminating the property immediately and starting an assessment of the damage caused is the best step in repairing your rental. If contamination has occurred then you will need to go through the decontamination process before a new tenant can move in.

It can be incredibly stressful to discover that drugs are being used in your rental property. But it’s important, as in all cases of property management and development, to stay proactive and optimistic about the issue. As this is not a new concept there’s many different organizations that can help you in the cleansing process and with the right method, your property will be healthy and safe once again.



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