What Separates A Good Estate Agent From A Bad One

The estate agent that you choose to help sell your house should have your best interests at heart. Their goal should be to ensure that you are able to sell your house quickly and for the price that you are looking for.

You can plan which estate agent that you are going to use by collecting as many references as possible. Consider several factors prior to hiring an agent:

  • The percentage fee that they are going to charge
  • The numbers of years that they have been in practice
  • Their ability to explain the whole process in terms that you can understand fully

Once the agent has started working for you, make sure that you monitor their performance. This could include:

1) Their Ability To Get The Price That You Want

Nobody wants to sell their house for less than the asking price because this could put you at a financial disadvantage.

When people choose the best estate agents in Havering, they are hiring professionals with razor-sharp negotiation skills. This will take some of the burdens off you because you will not need to haggle with the potential buyers.

  • Preferred Outcome – the estate agent is able to prevent the house from being sold under the asking price. The money that you have earned from the house sale could be put towards the new property that you have bought to move into.

2) Their Ability To Explain The Entire Process Fully

Selling your house might be more complicated than you first thought. The amount of paperwork that needs to be procured and filled out may surprise you. However, if the estate agent explains the entire process to you, then this will give you peace of mind.

  • Preferred Outcome – The estate agent breaks down the process into three distinct sections: preparation for a sale, during a sale, and after the sale has been completed.

3) They Make Sure You Are Aware Of All The Documents That Are Needed

Even though the estate agent is going to handle all of the paperwork, they are still going to make you aware of everything that needs to be submitted. They will ask you for your signature on all of the documents that require one.

  • Preferred Outcome – you end up with a full list of documents that have been signed and submitted under the direction of the estate agent. The sale of your property can then be completed.

4) They Give Advice To You If There Is A Problem

Sometimes, the sale of your house may hit a roadblock that is not your fault. It is the estate agent’s job to come up with a solution to whatever problem has gradually or suddenly occurred.

Article Conclusion

A good estate agent is able to go above and beyond for their clients. When you hire a highly qualified and highly competent agent, they will make sure that they can negotiate skillfully on your behalf and then push the sale through by making sure that all the paperwork is completed in orde

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