The Best Reasons to Consider Buying Property in a Suburb in Melbourne

Alphington is one of the most spacious and beautiful suburbs found in Melbourne, Australia, and it is well-known to be the perfect place for a family to settle down. However, there are still those who hesitate, and need to consider the many benefits of such a move, before making a decision. The weather in Australia, along with the beautiful scenery, made this continent famous decades ago, and millions flock to this part of the world each year for holidays, work, and a place to live. Melbourne proved its merit nearly from the moment it was first established as a city, and it is now known to be one of the most liveable cities in the world, across a range of metrics. By looking at some of the reasons others moved there, you may decide to do so yourself.


Melbourne is home to one of the most iconic sports stadiums in the world, and is also the home of cricket in Australia. In fact, you have yet to experience the best, in live sports, until you attend a boxing day test match under the warm Australian sun. Thousands pack into the stands and enjoy delectable food while they watch the sport underway, and the excitement of the moment will quickly make it clear why the sport is so loved across the continent. People from all corners of Australia travel to this location each year, to watch games, build new friendships, and cheer their teams.


Visit to find the most affordable and beautiful homes on the market, and while you are in town to tour the property, you must consider riding one of the trams. Many cities across the continent utilise trams for public transportation, but few balance convenience and vintage style quite as well as Melbourne. Whether this is your first time touring the city, or not, there is something nostalgic and fun about getting to your next destination on these beautiful trams. Children find this part of the day particularly exciting, and it will make you feel wonderful to see the joy on their faces as you pass century-old shops, and more.

The Food

No city is better known for its beautiful terraces, gardens and open spaces in which to eat a delectable meal, created with local ingredients. No matter if you stop at one of the many outdoor stands, or sit down at a local café, you can enjoy the best of Australian weather while you dig into culinary perfection. For many, Melbourne is a city built on great food, friendly locals, and modern technology, with just the right percentage of nostalgic architecture mixed into the equation. In fact, you may yet live in Alphington for the next three generations, if only to enjoy the most offered by Melbourne.

The Great Ocean Road

One of the greatest drives in the world is found in Australia, and it is commonly known as the Great Ocean Road. Melbourne is the starting point of this amazing adventure, and you can spend an entire weekend exploring new locations, and having endless fun, without once needing to take a long drive or flight to get started. Simply climb into your vehicle and start exploring until you run out of things to enjoy, which may yet take a while.


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