Why You Want To Go Out Of The Ordinary With Your New Home Build

Building any new home is a huge undertaking from start to finish. We’re not just talking about the amount of labour, money and planning that’s necessary. Though there certainly is a lot of it. You also have to consider the kind of life you want to live and the house is a big part of that. There are many who are happy to just build the same conventional kinds of homes, but is that what you really want? There might be better options to consider. For example, do you want your home to be more sustainable and eco-friendly? Or perhaps you want it to be worth more? You might even have a lifestyle that could be all the better accommodated by a better choice of home. We’re going to take a look at some of the options you may not have considered.


Gardens are great for the home. They’re an excellent tranquil spot out in the sun (or under the stars). You can make them look gorgeous. Best of all, with the right choices, they add loads of value to the home. Getting a garden big enough to landscape gives you loads of potential for adding value as you own it. It also gives you the benefit of having some nice, easily customised space to live with, too.

Water, water everywhere

Another thought for the garden that can add value is the benefits of water. We all have a cultural fascination with having water in our gardens. That reflects in the value it adds, whether it’s a water feature or a pond. The latter can be great for those with kids since you can keep lots of colourful fish inside it, too. However, consider the value of your home before adding one. If it’s a downmarket build, a water feature might not add too much value. This is because it can be seen, instead, as an extra expense. So if it’s value you care about, water features only tend to add on already valuable homes.

Log homes

Now we’re going to be looking big at the different kinds of homes that can take you out of the ordinary. If you like your tranquillity and want a home far enough from the city, a log home can be your best bet. Building a log home requires some extra work, like your own sceptic system. It also needs maintenance, of which you can see here at Mountain Home Building Products to learn more. But take good care of it and they’re some of the warmest, most sustainable homes you can get.

At the beach

A lot of people have dreams of living at the beachfront. If you want a home that’s going to stay high in value, then it’s a really good choice, too. However, building a beach home takes some extra consideration. The closer you are to the ocean; the more damage weather might do. In summer, you might find privacy requires some extra protection. Whereas, in less busy times, a lot of the rental homes empty out, leaving an isolated community. However, the sounds and views are hard to beat. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys boating or water sports, too.

By the river

Of course, beachfront homes aren’t the only waterfront homes. There are also riverside and lakeside houses to consider. These homes tend to share some of the benefits and cons of the beach. For one, isolation and inclement weather are some of the complaints often faced. Yet for others, that isolation is just another selling point. Many people would prefer a home away from the isolation of development and traffic.


Sticking with the water theme, there’s another option entirely besides living at the waterfront. That option is actually living on the water. There are plenty of opportunities to buy or make your boathouse or floating house. For one, you could get a real houseboat. Houseboats have the capacity to actually leave if you want to. Otherwise, non-sailable houseboats are called floating houses. For one, it may be true that you could be paying reduced taxes on a houseboat. You also have no need of a gardener or snow shovel. On the other hand, however, the location of your mooring spot can add a lot of other hidden fees instead.

Cob housing

Another alternative way of building your home that’s gaining some traction is cob housing. Cob housing is another natural way of building that’s significantly cheaper than most others. Like log houses, they have fantastic heating insulation, too. However, they take particularly long to finish. As the homes are built of soil, it can take up to fifteen months to get it all dried and set in place. There’s also the fact that not as many builders are as skilled at building cob houses, so it may be difficult to find the right workers.

A green roof

If becoming more eco-friendly is your priority, then there are ways to take it into consideration when you build. A lot of people know about solar panels on roofs, but in some places this just isn’t as feasible. One idea that can be done practically anywhere, however, is having a green roof. Besides adding a unique beauty to your home, they have plenty of benefits.  For one, they cool the building down by absorbing more heat for the plant life. They also absorb water, meaning a lot less run-off when it rains.

Going modular

Modular, or pre-fab, homes are starting to get a bit of popularity nowadays. Though many still don’t know what they are. Essentially, they’re homes that come in pre-built parts. If you get the land and you want somewhere to live quick, there’s no way more hassle free. They also tend to be highly energy efficient. However, one of the cons of getting a pre-fab home can be how difficult it is to arrange your utilities. The thing is, if you need a home cheap and quickly, pre-fabs can be installed with little issue. If you want to upgrade some time later, they’re also easy to disassemble. So again, you have the land to build anew on.

Green as can be

We’ve talked a lot about the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the choices on the list. But if it really your main concern, then you should probably be going for a passive house. Passive houses refrain from using central heating or cooling systems. Instead, the house is designed to make use of the environment and layout. The sun and heat from appliances are just some of the sources of the heating system in a passive house.

Contain yourself

One of the odder entries on the list has been making more of a splash lately. Shipping container homes are lot less cheap looking and nonsensical than you might initially think. The value for money is the main draw here. You can easily get huge amounts of living space by modifying containers. Of course, they’re built to safely contain things, too, so you don’t lose any integrity. They can also be built off site and delivered, so you don’t need to turn your land into a building site and clean up after it. However, like cob homes, it can be difficult finding builders with the experience they need for the project.

The kitchen & bathroom

The kitchen should always be seriously considered when building any house because of how much value it might just add. That said, just because your kitchen needs to have selling appeal doesn’t mean you can’t go unique with your designs. Same for the bathroom. Some unique ideas can actually add value. For example, frosted windows can keep all the privacy you need in the room while letting in lots of natural light. Be open with experimenting, just make sure your tastes are easily reverted in case you want to sell in future.

Get some reading done

One of the additions to the home that has been waning in popularity lately is the old favourite: the library. Yet people are finding all kinds of cool ways to include some reading space in their home. No longer do you necessarily have to dedicate a room to your books. Now you can start using your stairs as small bookshelves or the walls of your hallway. Lots of people still love to read, so it’s not difficult to find some inspiring ideas on how to make your library a unique addition.

Going out of the box on a home build usually requires a little extra. It can be a little extra effort or spending. But the pay-offs can come in all kinds, as well. You might have developed a house that’s worth more or one that fits your lifestyle to a tee. You might have made your environmental footprint miniscule or have a home that lets you express your style. A lot of people focus on homes primarily as investments nowadays so we just wanted to remind you the choices outside. After all, it’s not just a house, it’s your home.

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