Mysteries of Mumbai

Mumbai! A dream city to a lot of aspirants from different fields of work from all across the world; A living Dream for its residents; and a dream come true for the ones in the process of finally moving here. The most excited amongst these three categories are the ones in the third lot. Of course for the ones who are in the process of moving must be under a huge bag of mixed feelings. Finally their dream is about to unfold; so excitement, leaving their families behind; so sadness, looking forward to the bright future; so hope. But moving when mentioned comes as a terror too. There are umpteen number of things to check off the check list. And the top space of anyone’s list is one and only thing in bold “1bhk flat on rent in Mumbai”! Mumbai in this case but otherwise also when moving anywhere within a city or outside of it, this is the top priority to be checked off.

Prices everywhere now are sky rocketing so when someone is moving to a city so much in demand to think of hiring a 1bhk flat on rent in Mumbai is a big thing. After all it’s just the first thing on your list. Remember? The basic expense list is also running into pages. So even if you have an immediate job in hand, you still would need a certain sum in hand to be able to survive for the first few months and then be on your feet comfortably. By then your process of learning the city and its ways have already started. So you are aware of where to spend and where to save and how to save. Anyways it’s said that to settle anywhere it takes a minimum of a year or one season each to adjust to a place. Its climate, its food, ways of living, travelling, lifestyle everything one can think of.

I personally dread the thought of moving. But I have moved from Mumbai a couple years back but still if anyone asks me to at least for Mumbai I would move overnight. Yes that’s the love we, born and brought up in Mumbai, have for this place. It keeps calling us from wherever. Of a lot of people I personally know and have known over these years, who have moved from Mumbai, are ready to move to Mumbai at the first instance. It’s a city that never sleeps. Any hour of the day or night you find modes of transport, eateries joints small or big, all basic necessities of life. It is said that the city is blessed by the Almighty yes, but even with good deeds of the people living here. No one here discriminates amongst high or low class. Everyone here respects the other, never bothers or interferes in the life of the other, are always ready to help each other in times of calamities. There have been instances of disasters where this has been proved time and again. People watching this city from far always wonder how this city is so lively. But truly speaking no one here has the time to sit and waste away time or brood over the spilt milk.

Such is the city of Mumbai, Mesmerising and full of Mystery. Ones who live here or are born here just love it. The ones who want to move here, will move here irrespective of the negatives they have heard of, if any, and the ones in the moving process are still with the “1bhk flat on rent in Mumbai” as their top priority.


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