Moving Soon? Here are some tips to prepare your furniture for the move

There’s no doubt that moving can be a very stressful and time-consuming time in your life. While you may be excited at the thought of moving into a new home, packing up and preparing to get there is another story. There are so many things that you can do in order to relieve the pressures of moving. Even small things such as labeling boxes and sorting them out per room will help. However, moving furniture is a big task that takes a lot of planning that will help minimize the amount of work you do in the long run.

Prepare to Move

The first thing you’ll need to do is ensure that you have a complete list of what larger pieces of furniture you have in each room. If it’s necessary to disassemble items, like your beds, be sure you put all of the smaller pieces in plastic bags, along with assembling instructions. Label each bag and attach it to its matching piece of furniture. Also, label the furniture as to what it is and where it goes so you don’t have to guess before you reassemble the item. Start with the larger pieces of furniture first so you’re not having to face the task when you’re worn out.

Smaller Items

Once you have an inventory and have disassembled the pieces that you can, you’re ready to begin preparing your furniture for the move. All cushions and pillows should be placed in larger bags, as this prevents them from getting dirty as you move. Clear bags will allow you to see easily what’s inside as you unpack.

Also, protect the pieces with bubble wrap, and consider wrapping items in blankets so as to not scratch anything on the truck, and help protect your walls as you move the items from the home to the truck.

After the Move

Remember that storage trucks are a bit dirty, so you may need to clean the furniture after your move, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning everything before hand. Make sure you talk to the moving company about ensuring that the items will be strapped down in the truck, advising them that you’re more concerned about their safety than you are about the items getting dirty.

You may want to consider using a self storage in North Miami Beach for your move. A storage unit can keep your items safe if you think you’ll want to keep some items out of the home until you’re settled in. Or, perhaps you’re moving into a smaller home but you want to hang onto some pieces of furniture to hand down to a child or grandchild. So many units also come with temperature-controlled environments to allow your items to be safely stored. And, if you do decide to house the items in self storage, you can prepare the furniture with the same method as outlined above. It will be much easier when it comes to taking the items out of the storage unit.


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