Why You Need to Hire a Letting Agent

Buy to let investors generally have to make a very important choice: find a decent tenant on their own or hire a letting agent to find one for them. A letting agent, as you can guess, is a real estate agent who can help you in letting out a property. If you want to rent out your property to a decent tenant, you can hire a letting agent to help you out. Finding the right tenant is obviously very important; everybody’s heard of stories about tenants who caused extensive damage to the landlord’s property and also defaulted on payments. If you don’t want to go through such an experience, it’s generally best to hire a letting agent.

Finding a Decent Tenant

Letting agents in West Sussex can help you in finding a decent tenant so that you can let out your property. If you have properties that are up for rent, you can just assign a letting agent to help you find a viable tenant. Most landlords have specific requirements about the kind of people that they want living in their houses. For instance, some people aren’t particularly keen on large families with lots of children.


The letting agent won’t just get you in touch with an interested tenant; he or she will also vet him or her thoroughly in order to determine whether the tenant can make monthly payments and doesn’t have a criminal record. You should take vetting very seriously. It’s not just about meeting with the tenants; anybody can put up a fake appearance for an hour or two. In this day and age, where security is such a major threat, it’s important that you vet the tenants carefully and make sure that all of their statements are actually true before signing on the dotted line.


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