When You Just Need a Good Winch!

It’s likely something that most people don’t think about, but in industries like building and construction, offshore drilling, engineering, and shipping and shipyard services, lifting and pulling equipment is vital. Consider the example of a shipload of imports arriving from overseas. How are those crates lifted from the ship and placed so that they can be easily transported by trucks to their destinations? In a case like this, heavy-duty lifting equipment rated to high capacities is required for the job.

Where Lifting and Pulling Equipment is Used

Winches and hoists are used in a wide variety of common industries, and this type of equipment ranges from small manual winches to large capacity machines that are rated up to 3000 tonnes! Here’s where this type of equipment is often used:

  • Construction and engineering: In the building and construction industry, winches of all types are essential pieces of equipment. Being able to pull or lift heavy loads and building materials is key to completing projects on time, whether it is a bridge, a tall building, or an office block being constructed.
  • Offshore and onshore drilling: Winches and hoists of large capacity are typically used for onshore and offshore drilling, including mining exploration, quarrying, and gas and oil
  • Shipyards: Without reliable winches and hoists, shipyards would simply cease to function. Indeed, the very lifeblood of our import and export industries relies on lifting equipment that can operate for many hours at a time without fail.

Finding the Right Winch for Your Needs

Selling new and used winches is a truly specialised industry, and since the reliability and safety of every winch is vital, it is also important that the company providing them has many years of experience in the industry. Whether you are a small construction company, or a large and well-known engineering company looking to add to your equipment stock for the next large contract job, here’s what to look for in a winch hire company:

  • Experience: Nothing can replace experience when it comes to lifting and pulling equipment. Given the importance placed on these kinds of machines and tools, it is vital that a winch hire company has the years of experience necessary to stand by all of their products and their product testing.
  • Testing: The physical and operational demands on winch equipment is tremendous, and it is essential that all used winches are checked and serviced by experts before being hired out to any company for use. If you want a reliable winch for your next job, always look for a winch hire company that specialises in professional winch testing!
  • ISO compliance: These days, it is essential for companies to seek ISO certification so that they are recognisable in their industries as reliable professionals, able to meet certain standards of operation and compliance. Always look for a winch hire company that is ISO 9001 registered and certified. This way, you know that you’ll be hiring winch equipment from the best in the industry.

Whatever field of industry you are in, it is important to find and hire the right equipment from people who know what they are doing and are ISO compliant. When it comes to winches, hoists, and lifting and pulling equipment, the reliability and safety of the equipment is vital! This is why you should always hire form the best!

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