Foreclosure Attorney Can Stop Notice of Trustee Sale in 24 Hours

Getting a notice of foreclosure sale would be the last thing a homeowner would want to be involved. However, after receiving a letter of default there is no need to panic since there are options to stop foreclosure. There are numerous legal ways for you to take in order to keep your house from the mortgage foreclose sale. With the help from a reliable foreclosure attorney from a highly trusted law firm, you will be able to come up with the best steps to fight his or her mortgage foreclosure sale.

Keeping up with the monthly mortgage payments might be difficult sometimes. Any consumer can fall behind on mortgage payments due to financial hardships. After receiving a notice of foreclosure sale homeowners should not give up his or her home without a fight, but should immediately contact a trusted foreclosure attorney with experience.  A foreclosure lawyer is needed to decide which legal action to take based on his or her situation.

The first option given to a homeowner to stop a foreclosure is to file a lawsuit under SB900 or the Home Owner Bill of Rights. Using this legal option to stop a foreclosure is the perfect solution to fight a wrongful foreclosure initiated by your lender.  When your lender violates The California foreclosure law, it is highly recommended that you file a lawsuit against your lender. Hiring a foreclosure attorney will get you immediate help to fight the foreclosure process and detect any violations that may lead to a mortgage fraud. Another effective way to stop a foreclosure sale is to file either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to stop a foreclosure sale. On a helpful note filing bankruptcy can eliminate your debt if he or she has serious financial issues.

Foreclosure Sale

Applying for a loan modification is another common method used to help stop the foreclosure process. All homeowners have the right to ask for a modification of his or her current loan. After a loan modification homeowners may have a more affordable mortgage payment that suits his or her condition. Short sale is another effective solution for stopping a foreclosure sale. Short sale permits homeowners to sell the home, which is referred to as a pre- foreclosure. Consumers can consider this option when his or her loan modification request is turned down. Deed-in-lieu is another option commonly used for avoiding foreclosure proceedings. The homeowner must pay the entire mortgage owned to the home and must present documentation voluntarily enter this agreement. Having a foreclosure attorney by your side is best way that can put a stop the foreclosure process and save your home from bank repossession. When you hire a foreclosure attorney make sure you have the attorney go over all options to stop the foreclosure.

Anyone who live in California can take an advance of free consultation provided by the foreclosure attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group.  The foreclosure attorneys here are very experience in the field of helping homeowner stop foreclosure and advice homeowner how to stop foreclosure sale.

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