Fisher Island: The Highest Per Capita Income USA Area (2010 Census)

As one of the most colorful parts of the United States, Miami offers a true spectacle into what many consider to be the norm in American life. To the outside, Miami is the norm rather than the exception – and it’s why, for non-US citizens, it’s seen as one of the shining lights of American society and culture; a beacon of the wealth and prosperity that the American Dream can provide.

However, one part of Miami stands out more than most; Fisher Island. In fact, it stands out so much that it was viewed as the location in the United States with the highest per capita income of any other part of the nation.

So, if you are looking for home for sale in Fisher Island Miami, you had best be able to back it up with funds!

This is one part of Miami that makes no apologies for ensuring it’s exclusive and almost separate from the rest. With a population of just over 130, this is a location for those who feel like they have made it and want to celebrate their success by living right in amongst the most luxurious lap possible.

It’s a smart part of the northern section of Fisher Island, though, that tends to attract the most attention. This is the part of the island that tends to house all the best homes for sale in Fisher Island Miami. Each part of this wonderful island, though, can play a critical role in making sure that you make the right moves and directives.

It was named after the real estate development guru Carl Fisher, who was once the owner of the full island. The fact it’s just based off the shore of mainland Florida means that it offers the ‘best of both worlds’ by providing access to the rest of the state and supreme privacy in one quick move.

With no roads or causeways running through the island, this makes it easy for you to get around the place – but also ensures that the island is never troubled by outsiders. Indeed, you can only arrive here by taking a private boat or ferry across the water and back into this wonderfully private and successful little community, instead.

Even though it once sat dormant for over a decade, Fisher Island has become a vibrant and noticeable recreation of the beauty, harmony and class that Miami residents would have expected. If your aim when moving to Miami is to move up in the world a little, then this offers a downright perfect way to make sure that you can do just that.

It’s the perfect place to make sure you can escape the madness of the city of Miami and instead enjoy a more comfortable quality of life; albeit paid for with the hard work and success that got you to this point.

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