How Comfortable King Quilt Covers Can Help Generate More Business for Hotel Owners

If you own a hotel or a guesthouse, customer satisfaction is what you prioritize the most. You can expect customer satisfaction only by offering them value for money services. Beautiful ambience, prompt service and comfortable bed is what makes a customer happy. A comfortable bed is one that has the most comfortable quilt covered under exclusive quilt covers.

Investment in quilts & covers

 If you are running affordable lodging solution, customers may not have really high expectations. But if your hotel aims at high end services, quality décor, a comfy bed with a cosy quilt is what you have to provide. Once you invest a large outlay initially you don’t have pay for them again for a fairly long period of time.

Need for covers

 Once you have sorted out a decent bedding to give them a peaceful night sleep, the next question comes is choosing the right duvet covers for your quilt. Investing in quilt cover is a must; otherwise you may have to end up buying a new quilt over a period of time.

 King sized covers for bed

 Most of the beds in hotel are of king size to accommodate twin occupancy. So automatically king quilt covers are used to fit them. These covers come in the dimension of 245cm x 210cm for most leading brands available in the market. So, in case you need one, you don’t have to worry much on the availability.


 Every hotel owner aims to make their customer be as comfortable as possible. This may in turn significantly increase their chances of making another booking with you or making a recommendation among their social circle. Building goodwill through word of mouth publicity is the best way to build reputation and survive in the long run. Thus, indirectly quilt and comfy quilt covers work wonders in increasing your occupancy rates and generate revenue.


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