Buying and Selling Home in Edmonton

Edmonton is the capital city of Canadian province Alberta. It is situated in the northern side of the Saskatchewan River. It is surrounded by the Alberta’s central region. It is the north most city of north American continent with the population of about one million. It has grown over the years by annexing adjacent urban municipalities. It is popularly known as Gateway of North. Over the years it has been staging point Sand Oil project occurring in Northern Alberta and for Mining operations in Northwest Territories.  It is popularly known as City of festival since it hosts to number of festivals around the year. Edmonton’s airport is the first licensed airport in Canada. City Economy has grown steadily till World War I which helped the real estate to grow.  After the World War, it took another two or three year for the city to recover from the war.

Housing and Real estate

As they say normally in the business world, growth in economy aided the growth in housing sector. During early 1900, Edmonton’s rapid growth enabled lot of the opportunity for the real estate. This led to lot of house for sale Edmonton northeast. But World War 1 intervened which led to the steady decline in the population with people moving out of the city and army recruitment. With airport which opened on 1929, it became the gateway to northern side. During Second World War, Edmonton served as base for constructing Alaska Highway.

Housing and real estate in the city is managed by the city council under urban planning design committee. Apart from this they the city landlord and Tenant Advisory board which takes care of issues arising in the rental sector. Real Estate, Housing and Economic Sustainability branch provides the housing policy, administers affordable housing programs. If building owners wants to convert the existing buildings to Condos they need to get the prior approval from the council. Upon the receipt of the application, council will review the application. They will check whether the plan submitted is matching with the guidelines and then will provide the approval. After getting the approval, it can be registered in the Land Titles office. Fee will be charged on this on the basis of current year fee schedule.

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