Basement Laundry Room

Many homes have their washer and dryer installed in the basement. It helps to keep the laundry from the main living area as well as create room for other things. Your basement laundry area does not have to appear dark and gloomy, and since dryers are an absolute necessity, you can use them to improve your home décor. If you want your laundry room to have a classic look, contact Dynamic Basement Renovations today.


Choose a bright wall color to keep the laundry space open and accommodating. You can use bolder colors like green or aqua since it is an area of the house that is not commonly used. Classic neutrals are always ideal for any room. If you wish to add tile to the laundry room wall, subway tile is a great option that will serve as a perfect match with the bright colour walls.


A laundry room is one of those few basement ideas that will allow you keep your concrete floor without compromising comfort. There are a couple of flooring options available to you. You can choose to cover the concrete with a tile for a more classic look. Or you could try one of these two methods – paint or stain – to give your concrete floor that new look. Before you apply anything to your floor, make sure it is completely clean. To paint your concrete floor, you would need an epoxy paint which creates a good waterproof finish; the paints are usually opaque and come in a host of different colors. Concrete stains are a bit different as the concrete floor absorbs them thus creating a unique finish. Depending on whether you choose an acid based stain or a water based stain, you will have different color choices. Acid-based stains react with the concrete to produce a bluish-green and dark earth tone finish while a water-based stain saturates the concrete but does not react chemically with the floor to produce a finish.


Obviously, the most important furnishing for your laundry room has to be your washer and dryer. But it doesn’t end there; you could play around with your space to make it even better. You can choose to use coverings or decals of your choice on the washers and dryers, and they can be removed easily whenever you want. A pedestal drawer or cabinet added just under your washing and drying units are also a nice way to store detergent or stain removers. Other items to add include a sorting basket, fold out iron board and a big farmhouse sink if the space permits, they are ideal for any prewashing or rinsing you might need to do.

Wow Factor

Like any other basement renovation room, your laundry would need proper lighting. After all, you want a bright and visible room when doing your laundry, sorting or ironing.  People usually integrate lettering and typography element into their laundry area by having their sorting baskets labelled. This is the ideal addition to your laundry room.


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