The Aesthetic Beauty Of Goan Houses

Goa is one of the most beautiful and most visited holiday destinations in India. Along with beaches, churches and forts, the traditional Goan houses are the main lures of this green urban location. Most of the Goan houses were built between the 18th century and the early part of the 20th century. They exhibit a mixture of neo-Classic and neo-Gothic styles of design and construction. These designs were affected by many factors, such as protection from the severe monsoons rains. Also, the Portuguese rule allowed Goans to travel abroad and when Goans returned they brought with them ideas and influences from other countries. These master builders executed these ideas using local building materials, making the Goan houses a mixture and adaptation of design elements and influences from all over the world.They adopted a European outlook but did not cut themselves off from their Indian roots as well. The resulting cultural fusion affected house design and made them all the more lovely.

These beautiful houses in Goa were designed with not only astronomically accomplished architects but also with the knowledge of sun motion. These builders used the display of sunlight to illuminate the interiors. The big doors and windows were of typically rectangular halls and a long side of the building facing north or south that helped in taking maximum advantage of sunlight. This traditional architecture is designed in proportion to climatic conditions. The central outdoor space was called “Balcao” with seats built into its two reverse sides best suited for warm humid tropical climate with a distinct Goan identity of columned porches and long pillars. “Balcao” served as a shaded meeting place that allowed light and ventilation into the building. This space was oriented towards the south or north in most of the noble houses in order to avoid direct sunlight penetration for most of the year.

Likewise, there are many vacation homes in Goa that are aesthetically pleasing to stay in, surrounded by serenegreenery. In order to find solace and live close to nature, people have started capitalizing in such areas and houses in Goa. It’s a lovely, calm and green urban destination, acting as a prime location for not only big investors but also individuals who desire to obtain residential plots. You can also opt to live in one of the beautiful houses designed by Amoravida. In this property you can enjoy the balance between work and life, cultureand nature, seclusion and interaction. Thereresort-styled luxury home is designed for those who wish to wake up by cool river waters, surrounded by nature’s splendor. It’s a stunning 26 acres property, bounded by hills, forests and the ebb and flow of the backwaters.

The location of Amoravida has a historical authenticity, with localmythology and energy to enjoy. The luxury treehouse bungalows raise high amid green fresh treetops allowing serene scenery and fresh atmosphere. They follow a distinct architectural style that clusters dwellings together and yet create a sense of separation through magical transitional spaces. Like Goan houses, they gotartful courtyards, generous plazas, and shaded glens. For entertainment, play areas and pavilions have been created that also allows fluid breezeways. In addition, deep overhangs draw from the wisdom of traditional Goan architecture to bring breezes in, while keeping out the harsh sunlight and heavy monsoon rains. The vertical composition of the Treehouse Bungalows is great to look at and enjoy the spontaneity of nature.

Especially if you an ecofriendly person, you would love the features of Amoravida. The designers of Amoravida believe in sustainability and ‘green’ development’. They follow the ‘net zero’ design strategy to maximize usage of renewable energy and minimize energy consumption, greenhousegases and carbon footprint by over 25%. In the ‘Net Zero Energy Building’ strategy, extensive studies of climatological factors, solar radiation, wind direction and velocity, etc. were conducted. Based on the findings, several techniques were incorporated in the design to lessen energy consumption – like shading devices, insulation, ventilation and the use of geothermal energy, solar energy and other ecofriendly technologies. The result is a reduction of over 26% in energy consumption and a corresponding decrease of release of greenhouse gases.

Plan your property dealing, keeping in mind the above features offered by Amoravida. Make your investment a profitable and stunning one by choosing one of the eco-friendly luxury tree houses!

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