7 Tips for First-Time Home Sellers in Los Angeles

Selling a home in Los Angeles is different from buying one. Regardless of whether you have lived in the home for a few years or a long duration, you as a first-time home seller must consider several factors before embarking on selling the home. Here are excellent ideas for selling your home for the first time.

1. Find the right agent

Real estate transactions are full of nuances and complexities, and a professional and competent agent can help you chart the waters with ease. So, ask your family and friends to recommend agents they have used and were happy with. You can also consult a reputable agency such as to get help with selling your house.

2. Choose the right price

Even with the current low-inventory market, don’t think you can overprice your home and get top dollar. The truth is, setting at a competitive price will draw a lot of attention and get you in a position where you will even receive multiple offers. Overpricing, however, diminishes your chances of finding a quick sale. Your agent will help you to find the right price by analyzing comparable sales and preparing a value estimate, also referred to as a CMA. Don’t resist your agent’s pricing suggestions as this may sabotage the selling process and keep your home in the market for a long time.

3. Prepare the home

Ask your agent for ideas on how to prep your home for sale. Most homes look impressive with about half the number of furniture removed. The best way to know if you have done a good job at this is when a prospective buyer walks into the house and wonders if someone lives in the house. You need to consider home staging tips to boost your home’s appeal and selling power. Painting is one of the most efficient methods to enhance the home’s appeal. Don’t let scraps on the walls and dings in the woodwork show negligence in maintenance.

4. Enhance the curb appeal

The first thing potential buyers see when they drive by is the front exterior, and this is most likely the first photo they will see in an online search. So, fix any cracks and major cement damage, plant some beautiful flowers along the entryway, and give the front door a brand-new coat of paint. Keep the yard tidy and mowed, and consider renting a pressure washer to eliminate the buildup and grime on the outer part of the house. Doing this goes a long way in giving the home a great first impression.

5. Choose the best day for the listing

A good period for listing your home will depend on the local community, time of the year, the weather, the current state of the real estate market, and several other factors. Often, you get one opportunity to present your home in its best condition the first day on the market.

6. Be open-minded for negotiations

You need to assess your goals, whether it is to spend as little cash as possible for the closing costs, or get a quick closing time, or to walk away with your asking price, as you evaluate offers. Remember, you can negotiate with counter-offers. You can make the deal sweeter by proposing to leave some appliances behind, or foot the closing costs for the buyer (if possible). You can make a few concessions that will help you in the negotiation process, and your real estate agent can help you to evaluate carefully and respond to each offer.

7. Prepare to move

Get your mover ready as early as possible. There are times of the year when you might find it almost impossible to find movers for the day you want. So, start packing before your home goes into the market so that you can have a head start on the process. Doing so will also give you peace of mind since selling can be stressful.

Selling your home for the first time can be quite overwhelming, but finding the right agent and preparing your home adequately can save you a lot of time, money, and effort during such a moment.


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