5 Top Tips for Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Selling a home is a stressful and mammoth task. Hence, here are 5 top tips for getting your home ready to sell that can reduce that stress and make the move a smoother ride.

  1. Make Use of Property Listing Websites

One of the most popular property listing websites in the UK is Zoopla. Most people are, consequently, familiar with the name If you are not familiar with using the website though, it is worthwhile taking some time to become familiar. This is true even if you are selling without the need of finding a new home as it will enable you form an accurate picture of current prices, both regionally and nationally.

Further, it is advisable to also familiarise yourself with any property websites operating regionally, such as The Property Scene which is Lancashire’s number one choice, to provide yourself with a comparison and as well to prepare yourself ahead of seeking an estate agent, as most in 2016 make use of both nationally and regionally operating sites such as these.

  1. Take Care Choosing an Estate Agent

A home being the most expensive purchase the average person is likely to make in their lifetime, it is unlikely you  would purchase a home without first doing your homework, then it is equally foolhardy to sell one without doing your homework when it comes to finding the right estate agent for you, and for your property.

Fortunately, in 2016 and with the internet at the finger tips of those hoping to sell up, researching who is out there and who is best is a relatively easy task. In fact, the internet features a plethora of articles and guides as to finding the perfect estate agent ahead of beginning what can otherwise seem a daunting if not entirely bewildering task, especially if you are selling for the first time.

  1. Self Storage: The Secret to a Savvy Move

Self storage is not simply an added cost that can be avoided by simply leaving your ‘stuff’ where it is until you are sold up and on your way to your new home; self storage enablers those selling property to de-clutter ahead of relocating.

Further, because you will need to shift about most if not all of the items, big and small, within your home ahead of holding viewings in order to give a deep clean and get the place spic and span, it is the perfect time to start de-cluttering and moving out any items you do not currently need or / and which may negatively impact upon your chances of selling or getting close to your asking price.

  1. Be Realistic About What Your Home is Worth

The fact is that whilst your home is a financial asset you now intend to part with, it is also often a place which holds a lot of sentimental value for you and your family. Hence, it can be very difficult to get the price right and very difficult not to think of the place as all but invaluable because that is what the memories and times you have enjoyed there are.

It is super important though to think of your memories and feelings more like your possessions than part of your home itself. That is, you will be taking those memories and good times with you. Hence, they should not factor into or colour the price tag you affix to the property. Rather, the monetary value of the property really does need to be a cold, hard and carefully calculated sum based on current market value, condition and location more than memories, good times and sentiment.

Then, it might be useful ahead of discussing what you want or expect to sell your home for, to head over to the Real Move website where you can easily and at no cost get a quick valuation via the Right Move Price Comparison tool which ‘ brings together Rightmove, Land Registry and Registers of Scotland current and historic prices in one place’.

  1. The Psychology of a Successful Sale

It is often the reluctance or inability to emotionally sever our ties with what has been our home for often years if not decades that results also in a reluctance or seeming inability to de-clutter, set a realistic asking price or make a home appealing to buyers.

Fortunately, more and more people are recognising and appreciating the reality of how stressful moving is, and more that much of why it is so stressful is not due to financial or logistical or even time ‘issues’, but because all three co-exist and are added to or exacerbated by emotional ones as well.

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