5 Important Roof Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

What’s one thing that goes perfectly with the summer sun and warmth? The summer storms that come along with that, of course! Those storms in the summer can be pretty nasty and one of the most vulnerable parts of your home to these storms is your roof. That’s why it’s crucial that you take the time to prepare your roof for these storms by maintaining it and having the proper repairs/cleaning done. This is going to ensure that you don’t have any costly expenses coming your way in the future when those big storms hit. Keep reading down below to learn more about the top roof maintenance tips you’ve got to know as this time of the year approaches.

  1. Inspect Your Roof Properly.

When you’re viewing your roof from the ground, it can be hard to see exactly where problems might lie. There are plenty of ways for water to get its way into cracks and crevices on your roof and cause some damage. Take regular walks around your home to check and see if there are any missing shingles that have fallen to the ground. Shingles are basically what helps to protect your natural roof from dangerous weather conditions. Make sure to get these back up on the roof to keep it safe during those summer storms. You can also get up onto the roof on a regular basis to see if you can see any obvious problems up there.

  1. Trim Up the Foliage.

One of the next steps that you should check in order to prepare your roof for the summer is to trim up the foliage around your home. There are sure to be plenty of trees around that have tons of dead limbs attached to them. Sure, they might not look dangerous, but all it takes is one big storm for those dead limbs to destroy your roofing. These limbs are the first to go during big storms, so don’t wait! Do your own foliage cleanup or get a professional out to clean off your trees.

  1. Clean Your Gutters.

You may think that gutters are just decoration or an “extra” on your house’s exterior, but they actually play a huge role in making sure that water doesn’t stay up on your roof where it can cause damage. You can easily put up a ladder and check out your gutters to see if there are leaves and other debris blocking the way. Do this on a nice weekend and clear up all of that debris to ensure that the water from a summer storm is diverted properly off of the roof and onto the ground. Just be careful when you’re up there doing all of this Roof Cleaning.

  1. Schedule A Professional Inspection.

Your safety should be your top priority. There’s nothing more important than making sure that your roof is properly maintained and is going to hold up during big storms. That’s why it’s a good idea to go ahead and schedule a professional inspection to be done on your roof. You’re most likely not going to know everything to check on your roof or even how to notice when things are wrong. A professional roof-cleaner is going to know what to look out for and will be able to give you expert advice on this topic.

  1. Make the Needed Repairs.

We all have those moments in our lives when we put off things until later that we know should be done now. By going ahead and getting those smaller repairs out of the way for your roof, you’re going to be saving yourself tons of time, money, and frustration in the future. All of those small repairs that you neglected could turn into a much larger and costlier repair when that big summer storm hits. Be proactive and you’re going to thank yourself later!

And there you have it folks. If you follow these tips, you’re going to have a roof that’s properly prepared for what this stormy season has to throw at it.

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