5 Good Reasons to Revamp your Office

As a boss or manager, we should take an honest look at the office décor, and ask ourselves, is the work environment inspiring the workforce to excel, or is it draining them of their energy? The answer might go some way towards the realisation that it is time for an office revamp, and if you still aren’t convinced, here are some really good reasons why an office fitout is an excellent idea.

  • Motivate your Staff – The working environment has a big effect on the well-being of your staff, and if things are looking a bit faded, this could reflect a nonchalant attitude towards work. Brightening things up can have a dramatic effect on staff morale, and by involving your employees in the upgrade, they will feel like they have some ownership and will respond in a positive way. If you are based in the UK, and are considering a relocation to London, Saracen Interiors are the ideal people to organise the move, and with a fully comprehensive service, you can relax and let them take care of the entire project. The company is committed to making the transition as smooth as possible, with minimal impact on the business, and with their expertise, nothing will be left to chance.
  • Style Counts – At least it does in the modern business world, and with the right furniture and setting, your image will receive a real boost, and your staff will enjoy coming to work. For an office environment where clients are entertained, this is especially important, and it makes sense to call in the design experts if you are thinking of a revamp. Not only can they create the right layout, they also have access to quality furniture at less than retail prices. Company colours should be effectively used, and the reception area should we well lit, with comfortable seating in a secluded corner for visitors. If you have regular visitors, there should be a special area set aside, with all the comforts one would expect in a top notch hospitality area, and it’s always worth remembering that first impressions count, and if you are entertaining corporate clients, the ambience and décor should reflect this.
  • Improved Efficiency – A well designed office means that people are not wasting time, with photocopiers next to printers, and all of the workstations should be arranged in a way that certain people can easily communicate without leaving their post. If you enlist the help of an office fitout company, they would have an in-house team of designers who would visit your premises and build a profile of your business and its activities. Once they know the inner workings of your office system, they can then design the optimum working space, which will dramatically improve efficiency. Spatial efficiency is a focus in office design, and with the experts working on your new layout, don’t be surprised if everything suddenly speeds up, as tasks are carefully coordinated. Here is some more information on how the office can be optimised for better efficiency.

Happy Staff tend to work quicker, and if the environment is right, they will enjoy the time they spend at work, rather than waiting for the day to end so they can return to their homes. Office designers will always map out the tasks and daily activities, looking for ways to streamline any part of the operation.

  • Collaborative Working – This modern strategy has been popular, as it brings out the best in every employee, and by joining forces and engaging in productive dialogue, most problems can be effectively dealt with. There are many things a manager can do to encourage teamwork, and by designing the office so that people can easily congregate in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you have the perfect platform for personal development for all of your staff. It might be an idea to call a meeting with all the employees, and ask about their opinions on the current office environment. This will make the staff feel they are a part of the change process, and because they have a stake in the project, they are more likely to respond positively. The modern managerial approach is to give the staff more responsibility and freedom, and most people respond well, and go that extra mile when necessary. There are team building exercises you might want to introduce, perhaps spend a weekend at a resort and make it your goal to foster a strong team spirit.
  • Staff Retention – It is widely agreed that the working environment has a lot to do with retaining staff, and if your key players are feeling jaded, they might look for greener pastures, so it is always a smart move to change the ambience every now and then. The effect our surroundings have on our attitude can be subtle, but nevertheless, it is present, and if the ambience is a little jaded, it might be time to revamp the entire office. Any company is only as good as the people who work there, so we should place a great deal of importance on staff morale, and ensure that everyone is happy. Involve your workforce in the revamp project, and ask them to brainstorm ways to make the workspace more efficient and a nicer place to be. The results might surprise you, and besides, they are the people who will work in the new environment, so it is only natural that your staff should have a say in how the new layout looks.

Professional Guidance

Redesigning the office requires a professional approach, as efficiency can be optimised with the right layout, and the project can be completed with the minimum disruption to the business. An established office fitout company would have access to storage space, in the event the move had to be staggered, and they could also source the right furniture at below retail prices. All packing would be handled by the move team, and with the new office already to receive the new occupants, everything will soon be up and running.

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