5 Easy Ways To Get Flat on rent in Pune without Brokerage

One of the most hep cities of India, Pune is the new destination for budding professionals to set camp in. While living in a city with pleasant climate as Pune is everyone’s dream, not many are able to find the house of their choice to make their stay more pleasurable. In order to find houses according to your budget and needs, without the intervention of a broker, you can take help from the following

  1. To-let signs- Go on a scavenger hunt with your bestride and narrow down the flat on rent in Pune that you are looking for by approaching the landlords who have put to-let signs. For a city with a good weather, going house hunting with our bestie can actually be fun. Pick a weekend, go around the city and eat the spicy food on the road-side eateries to add spice to your search. Even if you are not able to narrow it down in one day, you will look forward to going on the hunt again.
  2. FB status- Social media has made plenty of things for us much easier than they used to be. You can put us a status on Facebook that you’re looking for a flat on rent in Pune and tag your friends who have been staying in the city for a while. You will definitely be flooded with comments and phone numbers of prospective landlords.
  3. Social Media- Pages on social media are the new best thing that can help you categorize your search for almost anything and everything. You can join a page and either post a query or scroll down looking for people offering a flat on rent in Pune without brokerage. You can directly approach them without going through a broker, saving your precious time and money.
  4. Nestaway– Apart from social media, sites like NestAway can be contacted if you’re looking for a 1bhk or 2bhk Flat on rent in Pune without Brokerage. You can register your site and once you’ve selected the house of your choice, all you need to do is move in by paying a security deposit for two months. The company provides well-furnished house and you can rest assured that the person you’re sharing the house also values personal space and respects privacy.
  5. Word of mouth – Looking for a good flat on rent in Pune without brokerage can prove to be a challenge as many people strip you off your hard earned money and let you down by not providing what they promised. You can ask your friends and relatives who live in the city for advice and also to put you in touch with those willing to give their flat on rent. Going by the advice of reliable acquaintances can prove to be very beneficial in the long run.

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